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Quick Guide to Starting Your Own Business

So you want to start your own business? Congratulations! But be warned; it’s easy to get overwhelmed getting started. Breathe. Take it slow. And use this quick guide to starting your own business to get you on your way to owning a real business.

Quick Guide to Starting Your Own Business Continue reading


5 Things to Do Right Now if You Want to Start A Business In 2015

So you’re thinking of striking out on your own in in 2015? Congratulations! Starting a company is notoriously tough but can reap personal and professional dividends if you make it. To help, here are five things you should start doing right now if you want to start a business in 2015.


  1.    Learn Basic Coding

Whether you’re new business is a Southwest/African fusion Food Truck or a mobile app, you’ll need to have a digital presence which means knowing basic coding. But before you jump to #2 on the list, check out this list of coding resources from TED and you’ll realize that if you start now, you’ll be that much closer to being your own boss. Continue reading

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Checklist

If you’re considering starting a business, you’re probably scrambling all over the Internet trying to find all the tasks and to dos you need in order to be successful. Let me save you some time by sharing a list right here of what you need to do to start a business.


1. Flesh Out Your Idea. You don’t know if anyone will actually pay for the products or services you came up with unless you do some research. So write out a description and detail what makes you different. Then reach out to your social networks, conduct focus groups, or send out surveys to see if people like your idea and would pay for it. Continue reading

What Type of Business Should I Start?

Thinking of starting a business? You’ve got lots of decisions to make before you open your doors. Will you cater to businesses or consumers? What type of products or services will you sell? And then…what type of business is best for you?

Gabriel Cordero

Essentially, you have 3 options when it comes to business types. Let’s dive into each.

Buy an Existing Business
Every day, someone is selling an established business, maybe because they’re retiring or ready for a change. The biggest advantage of buying an existing business is that you have less risk. After all, an existing business has already established its reputation, hired and trained its employees, and begun to turn a profit. Continue reading

10 Reasons to Start a Business Today

Many people only dream of starting a business. They limit themselves with countless excuses as to why they can’t actually do it. They don’t have the money. It’s not a good time. They don’t know where to begin.

smart businessman sitting at desk

We were once like those people, weren’t we? No entrepreneur — unless he’s truly a fool — ever started a business without at least some hesitation and fear. It’s a risky endeavor, to be sure. But it’s also highly fulfilling and rewarding.

So if you’ve been hiding in the shadows of entrepreneurship, here are 10 reasons you can’t wait any longer to dive in. Continue reading

Why Start a Business

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a business owner, I want to ask you a question:

What’s stopping you?


I know, I know. You’ve got the usual excuses. Believe me, I’ve heard them all:

  • I don’t have the money
  • It’s not a good time
  • I don’t know where to start

You’ll always find an excuse not to start a business. But the truth is: no entrepreneur ever felt completely ready or even competent at starting a business. It’s one of those things that’s better to just dive in and figure it out as you go along. Continue reading

How to Start a Business While Still Working Full Time

If you’re interested in starting a business, but maybe don’t have enough capital to do so fully, or if you’re insecure about leaving the safety net of your steady income and company benefits, there’s another option:

Starting a business on the side.

Benefits to Working Two Jobs

If you’re not ready to fully dive into entrepreneurship, starting a side business while you continue to work at your job has many benefits:

  • Helps you ramp up your business while you still have income
  • Lets you test the waters with your idea before you go 100%
  • Provides an additional revenue stream for you Continue reading