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Real World Tips for Running Your Business

How often do you listen to a podcast or read a business blog and think, “That’s great but what does that mean for me?” The truth is, every business is different, but there are some universal, real-world tips for running your business smarter and better.  

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6 Top Issues for Small Business Owners

Starting a business provides one set of issues for entrepreneurs, but running a business brings up an entirely different set of concerns. Which of these keep you up at night?

1. You’re growing faster than you can handle

This is a good problem to have, but one that needs addressing, nonetheless. If your business is moving faster than you are, you’ll struggle to keep up, and you and your staff will be overwhelmed with work.

Solution: Get help immediately. Hire employees — even if it’s just temporary or part time — so that your existing staff doesn’t get inundated, frustrated, and quit. Reinvest your profits back into the company wherever you need it: extra inventory, more space, better equipment. Continue reading