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4 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Sales

Everyone knows that Facebook rules the social media empire. But when it comes to e-commerce, Pinterest claims the throne. According to Shopify, two million people pin products every day and 93% of users use the social media platform to plan their future purchases, even in stores.

Nowhere is this more obvious than during the holiday season. With the roll-out of Pinterest’s Buyable Pins earlier this year, small businesses can no longer afford to ignore this powerful platform. So let’s look closer and discover four creative ways to use Pinterest to drive sales.

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Look Back On 2015 to Improve in 2016

A year ago, we embarked on a 12-month plan to better marketing, spending each month focused on a different facet of your small business marketing efforts. Before you move forward with 2016, let’s look back on 2015 and find ways to take what you learned to apply it in the upcoming year.

Local Marketing

Local marketing is probably the most important thing a small business can do to compete and draw in attention. So back in July our plan called for you to improve your local marketing by improving your website and landing pages and staying current on maps and local listing sites.

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4 Ways to Harvest Results For Better Marketing in October

Marketers always say, if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing. If you’re following our 12 month plan to better marketing, then you may have spent June testing various strategies and tools. But even if you follow your own plan to better marketing, now is a great time to set aside a few hours to analyze some results and come up with ways to improve.

Google Analytics is arguably the most effective way for small businesses to gather information about the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. But this can also be a mystery as to what all that data means? So what should your small business be looking for? Let’s look at four key metrics that will give you basic insights as to the performance of your marketing efforts.

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3 Basic Questions That Improve Small Business Marketing

Marketing is often the catalyst to move from surviving to thriving, but with so much noise on the newest platforms and best practices, it’s easy to forget the basics that create the foundation of valuable marketing and strategy. Let’s look at three questions that, when answered, will improve your marketing messaging, SEO strategy, and bottom line.


  1. What Is The ONE Thing We Do Better Than Anyone Else?

Whether you’re asking this as a person or as a business, it’s important to know what you’re better at than anyone else. Not only can you focus resources on this one thing so you can go from good to great, you can also ensure the answer is included in all marketing and sales pitches. The answer may be so simple it’s depressing, but simplicity is the key to success because it’s better to be known for doing one thing well than a lot of things kinda OK. Continue reading

12 Month Plan to Better Marketing

With the beginning of a new year comes planning for the future with goals, plans, and resolutions. So let’s look at a 12 month plan to better marketing that you can start any time of the year to improve performance and return on marketing.


January: Embrace New Acquaintances

Make customers you worked so hard to get over the holidays long-term clients. Invite them to your VIP club that gives them special perks, send loyalty offers, and consider non-discounted perks to keep customers returning all year. Continue reading

Harness the Power of a Swipe File for Your Small Business Marketing

One of the greatest things about small business marketing is you get to do it all: email, social, SMS, brochures, etc. But this requires knowing about all the marketing channels, which is impossible, so there’s a growing movement of marketers who use a swipe file. A swipe file is simply a place where you store different marketing elements (copy, landing pages, images, campaigns, etc.) that work so you can learn from them in your own efforts. It’s so simple that you’re probably already doing it on some level, so let’s look at a few ways to use a swipe file more consistently to support your small business marketing.


Content Inspiration

If your small business has a blog, then you know how difficult it can be to think of new ideas to write about. Use a swipe file to inspire your content creation, centralizing articles, Tweets, etc. that piqued your interest or you’d like to explore further. Flipboard magazines are a great way to not only store but also share and easily reference articles that trigger a blog post idea. Continue reading

3 Trends That Will Change Your Marketing in 2015

It’s that time of year again when you start planning on how your marketing efforts will support your business goals. To help you get the most out of your marketing time and budget, let’s look at three key trends that will change the way you get your message to you customers in 2015.



While storytelling has always been a powerful medium for communicating an idea, 2015 will see a greater emphasis on creating written and visual content that tells a story. Customers are inundated with marketing messages everywhere they look, so not only is there a lot of noise to compete with, more and more people aren’t listening. So to get above the fray
in 2015, turn to more effective storytelling presented in new ways, like Vine or Flipagram.

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