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5 Must Have Tools for Your Marketing

With more and more technology, marketing is becoming easier and easier for small businesses to scale, make a bigger impact and boost their return on marketing. It can be hard to keep up with all the great new toys for marketers to use to promote their message to their audiences, so let’s look at five must-have tools every small business marketer should have.

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Top 10 Marketing Tools for Small Business

number one (first)

  1. Networking with clients  and potential referrers
  2. Great customer service,  which leads to testimonials which leads to  referrals
  3. Email marketing with great subject lines
  4. Telephone – the telephone is still one of the best marketing tools. Use it connect with potential clients and set up meetings
  5. Community relations and free publicity
  6. Blogging – start blogging even if you’re not sure why
  7. Social media – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in that order
  8. A Website that is well designed, easy to navigate and optimised
  9. Joint marketing ventures with companies that sell to similar target markets
  10. Sales letter – develop an excellent letter and follow up with a phone call