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Tools You Need to Help Your App Succeed

Mobile apps continue to be sources of new revenue for companies of all sizes and are often new entrepreneur’s first foray into running their own business. For many existing small firms, a mobile website with responsive design is enough to satisfy their current needs. However, for those looking to expand their customer base or start a new business, we’ve put together a few tools you’ll need to help your app succeed in a very saturated market.

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Now’s The Time To Start Using Snapchat

Small businesses rely on social media marketing to promote their products, services, build and mobilize passionate communities and monitor their business, industry and competitors. But it can be an exhausting challenge to produce and curate relevant content.

Now enter Snapchat, another social channel that has been slowly taking over smartphones across Canada and North America since 2011. If you think this new channel is just a flash in the pan, consider this, Snapchat users view more than 7 billion videos every day. That’s billion, with a “b”.

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Apple Maps vs. Google Places: Putting Your Small Business On The Map

We have all done it; found directions to a business after an online search. Or used our phones to find a type of business nearby. Making sure your small business is included in these search results is as simple as getting them listed on maps apps. Not only will it help draw customers to your business, but will also help them find your website.

With Apple’s recent new Apple Maps Connect for crowdsourcing its maps information, we thought we would take a closer look at how it compares to its biggest rival, Google Places and see which platform is better for small businesses to be listed on. Continue reading

SmallBiz App of the Month: Unleash

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Today we speak to Ibrahim Ahmad, creator of new app Unleash that acts as your very own cloud-based CFO.

By Ibrahim Ahmad

With small business failure rates through the roof, it’s surprising that there aren’t any tools to help small businesses overcome the challenges we face on a daily basis. Last year, a group of small business owners (including myself) set out to solve a problem we all had. In fact, it’s a problem all small business owners share.

We have no time because we’re wearing multiple hats and doing anything and everything our businesses need. We’re constantly bombarded with information without being able to distinguish the signal from the noise. Customers paying late (or not paying at all), excess inventory, getting overcharged or double-billed by vendors, writing off what should’ve been capitalized, expanding too soon, firing the wrong employee and a whole range of issues are all part of this problem. When decision time comes, we don’t have the luxury of some enterprise financial tool or a CFO to help us make the best decision.

And so we created a Cloud CFO called Unleash. It integrates with QuickBooks* and Xero to help small business owners make better decisions faster.

See how you stack up against your competition, how buying that new company car will impact your bottom line, what you’re doing well and what you need to fix, among many other things. We’ve also created the uScore, a single business health indicator—think FICO for business health. We’ve simplified business intelligence and made it super easy to use, adding only the features that small business owners really wanted to see in there.

Today, we’re releasing our beta. A select few will be able to use Unleash and get their very own Cloud CFO before it hits the market next month. You can find it in the iPad App Store.

Let us know what you think!

*Currently works with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop that’s hosted online. We’ll be rolling out a solution that works will all versions of QuickBooks very soon.

**Currently only available for iPad. Web and Android coming soon.