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3 Energy-Saving Incentive Programs That Will Save Your Business Money

Sure, you can save a few cents by using timers around the office and turning down the thermostat, but there’s an even bigger way to save money while being green in your office.


There are currently several incentive programs in Canada designed to inspire you to upgrade your lighting, heating, and electrical systems, while rewarding you financially for doing so.

1. retrofit program

Often, it’s outdated equipment that gobbles energy and makes our utility bills rise. saveonenergy’s Retrofit Program encourages businesses to upgrade to more environmentally friendly lighting, motors, heating, and control systems, and you can get reimbursed for up to 50% of your project costs. Learn more here. Continue reading


What You Don’t Know About Your Office Lighting Might Cost You

Overhead fluorescents. Desk lamps. Those automated lights in the bathroom that come on when you walk in. Wherever they are in your office, you probably take your lighting for granted. But your lack of knowledge might be costing you more than just money.


It costs you your Health & Comfort

Do you often feel washed out at the end of a long day in the office? Fluorescent lights are to blame. Studies have shown them to contribute to headaches, stress, and even obesity.

LED lights, on the other hand, are easier on the eyes and the body with their relatively soft white light with no glare. Blue LEDs are also popular and can create less eye strain while reading.  Continue reading

4 Ways Your Small Business is Wasting Energy

You may be mindful about your business expenses with regards to your budgets, travel, and even break room supplies, but are you ignoring one of the most obvious money wasters? That would be your energy usage. And while leaving lights on in the office is one obvious energy-waster, there are others you may not be aware you’re guilty of.


Here are 4 little energy monsters that you can squash by changing your habits around the office (and encouraging your employees to do the same).

  1. You Ignore the Thermostat

It’s a point of contention during the day: half the office thinks it’s too hot, while the other half is freezing. But what happens in the 16 hours or so that no one is in the office? Likely, you leave it set on whatever it was on during the day, and it burns up energy. Continue reading

10 Tips for Greenifying Your Office

Earth Day may be over, but that’s no reason the “green party” can’t continue. Not only can going green in the office help you sustain our natural resources, but there are also benefits to your business as well. You can save money, attract eco-minded customers, and play a part in helping your community conserve its resources.

Recycle symbol with grass texture, isolated on white background

Looking for easy ways to go green?

1. Use Both Sides of the Paper

Often we print a document, and once we’re done with it, assume we should recycle it. But go one step further. Ask your staff to put printed paper they’re done with back in a stack so you can use the other side.  Continue reading