Two More Low Cost Marketing And Sales Tactics

Marketing is critical to the sustainability and success of any small business. A well-thought out marketing strategy and execution can scale a small business and alleviate pressure from the owners and partners of the company. But too often we, as small business owners, think we need to spend a lot on fancy marketing automation and email service providers to have any impact. While those tools are useful for some firms, small business marketing does not have to cost a lot.

Two More Low Cost Marketing And Sales Tactics

Every few months, BizLaunch runs a free webinar on Low Cost and No Cost Marketing Tools, drawing hundreds of small businesses, just like you, looking for big returns from small marketing investments. Until this month’s webinar, let’s take a look at some ideas to help you get started, or keep growing.

Grow The Farm

Everyone knows that acquiring new customers is more expensive than keeping existing customers. So the lowest cost marketing and sales tactic is going to be keeping current customers happy and returning to your small business to meet their needs. By reducing your churn rate, you free up capital and human resources for acquiring new customers

However, you don’t want to just maintain your revenues, you want to grow them. But, hunting tactics are expensive so look to grow the farm of existing customers instead. Don’t expect your customers to come to you to expand their relationship with your business. Evaluate the services they are currently using of yours and why. Then ask yourself, “how can I help them even more?” Chances are, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to expand your current SOW with your existing customers.

And don’t ask. Tell. Tell them where you see opportunities for them to grow their own business and how you can help them.

Make The Ask

One of the biggest mistakes small business websites make is not including a call to action CTA). Or having a weak CTA that does not lead to a sale. Are we afraid to ask? Or do we spend so much time nurturing a lead that we forget to actually close one? Whatever the reason, here’s an inexpensive way to increase the number of hot leads right now.

Add a “Get A Quote Now” or “Get A Demo Now” button to the top of your webpages. No matter where a web visitor is in your website, make it easy and obvious what you want from them. Quotes and demos are great for service and tech firms because it’s a low-risk bar to move them further along in the sales pipeline. But even if that exact CTA does not apply to your small business, find a similar one to start racking up leads. Then all you have to do is drive traffic to your website. Not sure how to do that? We’ll cover more next month.

And for more low cost and no cost marketing tools for your small business, be sure to register for our free webinar.  

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