5 Cold Email Hacks to Drive More Sales in Q4

It’s the fourth quarter and if you’re like most small businesses, you’re in a crunch to make your annual goals. One way your sales and marketing department can increase their leads and shorten their sales cycles is a well-crafted, well-timed email. Don’t get left out in the cold.  Follow these five cold email hacks to drive more sales in Q4.

5 Cold Email Hacks to Drive More Sales in Q4

#1. Cold Shoulder

Sending a cold sales email starts with knowing exactly who buys your product or service and when. Creating the profile and then doggedly pursuing all those who meet the criteria will significantly shorten your sales cycles. While most sales teams like to go after “everyone”, in Q4, give the cold shoulder who doesn’t meet your criteria for a customer ready to buy.  

#2. Cold Opening

A good subject line is the difference between your message being read and you getting blocked. According to Yesware’s internal analysis of all emails sent using their service, a good subject line is; precise, concise and action-oriented.

Make it easy for the reader to know what the email is about and what you want them to do, in three words or less. Sound difficult? Of course. If it were easy, your competition could do the same thing. Don’t over think it; Introduction and invitation has worked for me for years.

#3. Cold Case

If you haven’t read Caroline Webb’s book, How to Have a Good Day: Harness the Power of Behavioral Science to Transform Your Working Life, you may have missed this hack in the appendix on how to make your case in an email. Luckily, we found it.

Solution + Problem or Pain + Future + Solution

Start your email explaining your solution to their particular problem or pain and what the future could be if they went with your business, or if they don’t take action. Then close with your solution again.

#4. Cold Call

But, without a clear request of what you want your audience to do, you’ll leave yourself open to the cold shoulder. There are a lot of guides on the web to help, but the truth is you just need to remember three things; Keep it simple, make it powerful, make it urgent. Without all three elements, you won’t get the immediate impact you’re looking for in Q4.

#5. Cold to Hot

Every sales guide in the world talks about the importance of following up, that’s it the not-so-secret key to closing deals. Yet it’s a wonder how many sales teams completely ignore this requirement of cold sales. If you’ve been focused on reaching out to those who fit your ideal customer profile, with simple subject lines, clear value and a bold call to action, you’ll find that many of your cold leads will heat up with a simple phone call a few days later. Try more than once, but if they don’t bite after a few message, move on.

You have Q4 goals to reach. Just remember to try again in a  few months.

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