3 Genius Ways To Grow Your Small Business Sales Leads Now

Growing a small business can be tough, especially if you have an equally small team. How do you find the time to do all the things you need to do today while laying the foundation for tomorrow? We’ve put together the list of three ways you can grow your small business’s sales leads now.  We think they’re pretty genius but judge for yourself.

3 Genius Ways To Grow Your Small Business Sales Leads Now

1. Increase the Return on Travel

There are almost as many articles on growing small business sales as there are cat videos. But what is one thing you can do today to move the needle? If you’re like many small businesses, you’re racking up the frequent flyer miles so look at your planned travel in the next two months. Then open up your CRM, LinkedIn, business cards, wherever you keep leads and spend an hour reaching out to get time on their calendars.

Whether it’s a formal business meeting where you can pitch your products and services, or non-transactional drinks, even a workout, fill every moment on your travels with face-time with your business leads. You’re already paying for the travel, now give it a bigger ROI.

2. Making Old New Again

Even if you’ve only been in business for a few years, you undoubtedly have leads that you thought were hotter than Toronto was this last summer, but then went cold. Take an afternoon and follow up with every old lead with a phone call. Many times, closing a sale has more to do with good timing that the right sales pitch and a phone call is more personal and harder to ignore than an email.

Maybe your products are better. Maybe they have a new structure. Following up with old leads won’t only allow you to gauge the current state of your prospect’s willingness to try/buy your products and services, but also allows you to reignite that relationship, and nurture the lead so you’re there when the time comes that they need you.

3. Update Your Web Page

Don’t get scared. Updating a website doesn’t mean re-designing anything. To grow your small business sales leads sometimes comes down to asking the right question. Your small business website isn’t just a source of information; it should be a lead generating machine.

Even if you don’t a sophisticated marketing automation system or CRM system to back it up, don’t limit the potential of your web presence. Add a button on your website header that says, “Request Free Demo”. With a simple web form, you can easily collect the information of prospects who are raising their hand for your products and services.

If you have to respond manually to each request, add some lead qualification questions to your web form (size of company, decision-making power for individual requesting the demo, etc.).

What do you think? What are some of your favorite ways to increase your small business’ sales leads? Tell us in the comments.

Image: Photospin


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