Optimizing Your YouTube Organic Search

Do you have a YouTube channel? From talking heads to product showcases, many small businesses today find video to be an effective marketing medium. But, posting your video to YouTube doesn’t ensure a good ROI, or that anyone will see it. Once you’ve created a good YouTube content strategy, you can focus on growing your organic reach and increase your views. Why? Because organic search is the most authentic and least expensive way to get new prospects.

Even if you have the money for YouTube paid search, you shouldn’t overlook the low-hanging fruit of organic search.

Optimizing Your YouTube Organic Search

Create A Consistent Stream

To optimize your organic presence on YouTube, you must create a consistent stream of quality content. This can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Think about how you can use your video channel to lead prospects to other pieces of content, what your audience is searching for on YouTube (see How Tos below) and how you can repurpose your existing content into a video format. This will not only help in the lead generating process, ensure consistency in your marketing but will provide consistently good content that should increase your subscribers.

Keep Videos Current

It’s important to keep your YouTube channel current, but the key to a scalable content marketing machine is to repurpose and reuse. So instead of creating new videos in order to keep your YouTube channel current, look into editing existing videos. Update them with new branding, new messages and, using the YouTube edit feature, you can keep the same URL and views so you won’t lose past linking. Then you can promote the updated video and get the amplification and potential leads without the time or money involved in creating new videos.

Create How Tos

A lot of prospects turn to YouTube to learn how to do something. So to improve your organic search, create videos or video series around answering their questions, and tagging videos with the right keywords. Do you have FAQs for your products or services already created? Why not post a YouTube video for each question? Got installation or programming instructions? Perfect for YouTube video content. Not only will How To videos help you create a consistent stream of content but will help draw organic traffic to your videos.

Convert Views

Getting people to your YouTube video content is great, but it’s all for naught if you don’t convert them in some way. Conversion, depending on your business and marketing strategy, may include subscribe, web page views, etc. and all will rely on your call to action (CTA). No content should be published with a clear CTA. Add the CTA to the video description, the end of the video and throughout with pop-up messages.  

Organic reach is the bedrock of small business marketing because it’s essentially free, delivering a good ROI on your marketing dollars. For more low cost and free marketing tactics, register for our free webinar on cost-effective marketing tools that will you grow your business.

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