10 Tips For Making Your First Sale

So you’ve started a new business. Or maybe you’ve taken a job as a new salesperson. Congratulations! Now the work begins to make your first sale and start a pattern of success. So here are ten tips to help you make your first sale.

#1. Sell It Top Down

When selling something available at different price points, start with the most expensive option and why it’s the best at alleviating key pain points. If you sense hesitation, make your way to the next best option and so on. This educates customers so they feel better about laying down their money, but it also anchors them to a more expensive choice. Just don’t overwhelm them with options.

10 Tips For Making Your First Sale

#2. Demo It

Letting your customer get their hands on whatever you’re selling is a surefire way to put their mind at ease and let their imagination flow. This is where you can let the product speak for itself. Just be sure it says, “buy me, now!”

#3. Sell It To The Converted

This is a great one for really new things. Find people who are already familiar with your category by targeting the customers of your competition. This way you can focus on yours vs theirs, instead of spending time on why your approach in the first place.

#4. Get It Reviewed

Whether it’s a product or service, you need to reduce the risk of trying it out by proving it has worked for others. From reviews on Amazon to customer testimonials, get it reviewed, a lot, and shout the reviews from the rooftops.

#5. Put It Online

Duh, right? Not necessarily if you have a brick and mortar store. But expanding your sales channels to include e-commerce is cheap with options like Ebay, Etsy, Pinterest and Instagram to do the heavy lifting. Double your channels and you’ll double your chances of landing your first sale.

#6. Make It Easy To Try

Reducing risk is key to first-time sales, so make it easy for customers to try it out with free samples, hassle-free returns and smaller packaging at lower price points.

#7. Get Others To Sell It

Depending on what it is, affiliate marketing can be an incredibly effective way to scale your sales efforts and land your first sale, starting the momentum you need to be successful.

#8. Make It Mobile

62% of people have made a purchase using their mobile phone in the last six months, yet less than 1/3 of small business even have a mobile-friendly page. Don’t be one of them.

#9. Be Persistent

At the end of the day, many sales come down to dogged persistence. Especially with B2B sales. Don’t let an unreturned voicemail or unopened email stop you. Keep at it until you close.

#10. Follow Up

The easiest part of sales is also the least used; following up. And if you do it more than once (see above), you’ll be closing your first sale in no time.

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One response to “10 Tips For Making Your First Sale

  1. I always started new sales reps near tradeshow times. A little training followed by a lot of quick experience. I provided 2 questions to identify hot prospects and the new rep would call over a more experienced rep and then listen in.

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