Free Resources to Train Your Employees

Employees are the key to a small business’s long-term success. Small business owners and managers spend a good deal of time hiring, motivating and training their employees to ensure efficient operations and stellar customer service. These are keys to longevity.

A few months back we focused on how to find the right talent and motivate employees. Now we look at free resources to keep your team on the cutting edge of their fields.

Free Resources to Train Your Employees

Train Developers

IT and web developers are absolutely critical for running a successful small business in 2016. So be sure your technical team is continuously improving their skills with Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA). MVA delivers free online training for web and game developers, database administrators, cloud engineers and students. And with new courses coming online all the time, your team can continue to developer their skills regardless of their current level of expertise.

Train Marketers

The American Marketing Association of Toronto hosts online and live learning events throughout the year, many of them free. Not only will your small business marketing team learn from the experts, their networking events will allow them to learn from their peers. And because the AMA is for marketing professionals, it’s an ideal solution for building on existing marketing expertise, rather than other resources which focus on Marketing 101 type of information.

Train Working Managers

No list of free training resources would be complete without highlighting Coursera. And for good reason. Coursera delivers free training from some of the world’s most prestigious universities. But rather than a liberal arts education focusing on theory, Coursera’s courses have real-world, immediate application, especially for working managers who are looking to improve both their leadership and functional skills.

Training Entrepreneurs

Many startups don’t have the luxury of hiring experts when they first get started. So if you find yourself working with friends or family who are novices, direct them to the U.S. Small Business Administration and their library of free online learning courses focused on taking anyone from beginner 1.0 to beginner 2.0. It’s a must resource for anyone trying to get a handle on all things business. And for Canadian-based live seminars, be sure to check out the Canadian Small Business Administration events and seminars.

Training Software Users

Inevitably your small business uses a variety of software and you need new employees to quickly learn best practices so your business doesn’t miss a step. From QuickBooks to Photoshop, most software you use will provide free online tutorials that anyone can use to learn and improve their skills.

Employee management is often the difference between success and failure for small businesses. So focusing on hiring the right talent, motivating them to do what’s best for your business and training them to execute are the simple keys to success. For more on managing these steps, be sure to join us for our free webinar on 9 August, or view it in our archives.

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2 responses to “Free Resources to Train Your Employees

  1. In British Columbia Canada there is Small Business BC and they have some great resources.

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