Tools You Need to Help Your App Succeed

Mobile apps continue to be sources of new revenue for companies of all sizes and are often new entrepreneur’s first foray into running their own business. For many existing small firms, a mobile website with responsive design is enough to satisfy their current needs. However, for those looking to expand their customer base or start a new business, we’ve put together a few tools you’ll need to help your app succeed in a very saturated market.

Tools You Need to Help Your App Succeed


If your app goes across platforms, tools like PhoneGap can help you scale your work so you can significantly reduce the cost of building an app for iOS, Android and other platforms. Even if you hire an outside developer, make sure they’re using one of these tools so you’re not paying double.

A Good Product

After you’ve initially set up your app, you’ll need to beta test it to ensure a good product. If your app is an iOS app, you’ll want to use Apple’s TestFlight Beta Testing so you can get up to 2,000 testers for up to 60 days. There are also tools for beta testing Android, Amazon and Windows apps.

Then, you’ll need to get your own testers. Tools like Betalist and PreApps connect you with not just testers, but influential developers who can help spread the word and create the buzz you’ll need to have a successful app when you’re ready to launch.


Chances are you’ll need to sell advertising space in order to generate revenue from your app. That’s where ad networks come in. They connect you with advertisers willing to pay to put their ads in your app. But with so many that operate in Canada and the world, how do you know which will be best for you?

It makes sense to start with the behemoth that is Google, which runs its own ad network, AdMob. If your app is a game you may want to also consider adding an additional ad network like Chartboost that specializes in gamers so you’re capitalizing on your niche.


While a good product is the first step in creating a successful app, it certainly is not that last. Not even close. You’ll need to gain awareness, and fast, if your app is going to rise above the noise of a saturated mobile app market. The app rankings on iTunes, for example, are based on how quickly your app is installed so you want a lot of downloads in a short amount of time. Which means you need an aggressive marketing and advertising campaign. Without users, your revenue will dry up, regardless of your revenue model. We talk through marketing and advertising tools at least once a month, so check out our blog to find the best for you.

Mobile app creation can be a resource-intensive process, but with the right product and marketing plan, you can serve your current customers better while gaining new ones to beat down your door.

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