Digital Marketing Tools To Try Out Now

Digital marketing is the lifeblood of small and medium-sized businesses. As consumers and businesses research their available options, digital marketing allows you to get in front of the competition, or at least join the conversation. With so many tools to help you make the most from your digital marketing efforts, time and money, it’s hard to know where to turn. So we’ve been profiling tools that can help. So let’s look at this month’s digital marketing roundup.

Digital Marketing Tools To Try Out Now

PPC Keywords

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can be one of the most effective ways to target potential customers who are looking for the products and services you offer. And since you only pay for those that click, it’s cost effective too. Of course, a good PPC campaign includes typos and misspellings, especially if you have a startup or app with a strange name or spelling but identifying which to bid on can be difficult. For more robust suggestions than Google Adwords, check out this free Keyword Typo Generator.

Socializing Events

Displaying live tweets, and other posts at an event dramatically increase your reach, encourages more participation and provides you with potential leads to follow up with after the event. There are a variety of tools that can help you display tweets, for example, but one of the best is Twitterfall. With this free tool, you can display tweets using keywords, hashtags and lists. You can even exclude certain keywords or users so your feed is free from trolls and competitors. The only potential downside is that you must launch Twitterfall with your computer browser, not your phone. So plan ahead.

Impactful Social Sharing

You want your website visitors to share content from your web pages, but to really drive value from this social sharing requires the resulting post itself to be compelling. How? You need to craft the metadata Facebook pulls from your website when developing these shared posts. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. This free tutorial on using the Facebook URL Debugger tool is a great step-by-step guide that helps you tell Facebook to re-crawl your metadata to help you identify what images, copy and links to change in order to craft the most compelling shared post.

Website Ad Management

If you have a blog or sell ad space on your WordPress website, you’ll want AdRotate Professional to help you get the most out of your valuable real estate. AdRotate is a flexible tool that you can use to rotate several ads in the same spot. It provides data that you can use to identify which ads perform best so you can favor one type of ad over another. You can even share what you learn with your advertisers so they can improve their content and make you even more money.  

Of course, good digital marketing works in conjunction with the rest of your marketing mix but with smart tools, you can continue to rise above the noise.

Image: Photospin


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