Building a YouTube Content Strategy For Your Small Business

As marketing continues to find ways to take advantage of the growing mobile usage, video will only grow. Social media guru  Mary Meeker recently predicted that video will account for 74% of all internet traffic. So if your small business marketing doesn’t include a lot of video, maybe it’s time to rethink your marketing strategy with this quick guide for how to build a YouTube content strategy for your small business.

Building a YouTube Content Strategy For Your Small Business

Focus on Value

Content is king, but only if it’s valuable to both your customers and your business. So all your content, including YouTube, should be where the two intersect. Get with your team to flush out different topics, stories, ideas that could communicate these interests. What you should find are major themes that emerge. Don’t be surprised if these themes represent your small business’s value prop as a whole. In fact, they should. With these themes, you can build your content.

But building your YouTube content strategy can be daunting. What specifically should you make first? To keep your visitors and customers engaged, you’ll want to mix up the type of videos you produce. So here are three types of YouTube content to flush out your strategy.

1. Scale Through Series

One type of content to fill out your YouTube content strategy is a series, several videos that build on each other to tell a single story. Think of a TV show rather than a movie. This will help you scale the actual production of your videos because let’s face it, you don’t have the resources to constantly knock out content without reference. Instead, build on another video to get deeper or explore a new facet of your company’s key values and differentiators.

2. Brand Videos

While many small businesses aren’t ready for Google’s CCC strategy for video content: Content, Collaborate, Curate, you can take notes from it when building one that works for you, namely with the first C, Content. Content are videos that support the major brand themes you discovered above. These are well produced and are inspiring. These videos are meant to get attention but not necessarily sell anything, other than a dream, an idea that is your small business.

3. Feature Videos

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, there are a series of features and corresponding benefits. Each feature/benefit is worth a video. Blendtec’s famous, “Will It Blend” videos captured what the team was already doing; blending random stuff. Some brilliant marketer just put it on YouTube. These are a good example of a video focusing on a single feature and benefit plus it’s wildly entertaining! Your marketing collateral already has these features laid out, now, make a video for each.

By focusing your YouTube content on series, brand stories and features or some mix of one or all three, you can begin to tell the complete story of the value you create for your customers in a format they will continue to turn to for that information.

Image: PhotoSpin


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