Traits of A Good Small Business Leader

There is a lot of literature out there about what makes a good leader. But most of this is directed towards being like Steve Jobs or Jack Welch. How relevant is this to a small business owner or entrepreneur leading a small team of employees and contractors?

While the fundamentals might be the same, there are nuances to being an inspiring and effective small business leader. Join us for a free webinar on 5 May where our own founder, Andrew Patricio will go through the essential leadership skills of successful entrepreneurs.

Traits of A Good Small Business Leader

Learn to Delegate

Delegating daily tasks is an essential skill of every great leader, but is especially important in a small business. While you may think, “I don’t have the staff to do all the work”, you can’t lead your new venture into rapid growth that is critical to survive if you’re stuck tracking your inventory, or coding all day. Those are tasks that others are equipped to do.

What others can’t do is secure new funding, negotiation a better price on raw materials, or build a new partnership that will boost revenue. That’s the value you bring to your new business. So get out there and do it and leave the rest to other people.

Jump In

While delegation is critical, an effective leader of a small band of brothers and sisters has to be willing to roll up his or her sleeves once in awhile and join the fray. Sure, getting your hands dirty with the nitty-gritty work helps make sure your fledgling company’s largest order is fulfilled on time. But almost more importantly, jumping in shows your employees that “we’re in this together” so you can inspire your team to give more than they thought possible, to give an extra hour after an 11 hour day, because you’re honestly not asking them to do anything you wouldn’t do.

Look To The Future

When you’re just starting out, there’s nowhere to look but forward, to a vision of how your idea will solve unmet needs of thousands and change the world.

As you build your startup, you’ll come up against inevitable failures. A good leader will acknowledge these failures but see them for what they are, learning opportunities that will make the company better in the future.

Banish all talk about deals that fell through and “if only” from your vocabulary. You go where your mind is focused, so focus on the future and growing your small start-up and the rest of the organization, your customers and investors will follow.

A leader inspires others with clear direction, a common objective, and patterns of success, even small success. But leaders are made, not born, so focusing on building a few of these key skills will help infuse strength and character into your startup and yourself. To learn more, be sure to join us on 5 May for our free webinar, Leadership Skills of Successful Entrepreneurs.

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