3 Trigger Based Emails You Need Right Now

Email remains an effective way to connect and engage with your target audience and email automation makes sending relevant, personalized emails easier than ever. If you’re using an email service provider (ESP), you likely have the ability to integrate with your website and create automated emails to be sent when your visitors behave in a specific way.

These trigger based emails have proven very effective in leading customers down the sales pipeline with little input from you or your team. Which makes them a small business dream marketing tool.

Here are three trigger based emails you need to create right now to take advantage of email automation.

3 Trigger Based Emails You Need Right Now


If you’re a small business who engages in content marketing, chances are you have gated content that you’ve produced to get email addresses. Whether it’s an eBook or whitepaper, when someone gives you their email address in return for a piece of content, you need to be prepared with an educational download trigger email.

An effective educational download trigger email not only confirms the download but also includes a call to action – what you want these “students” to do next to lead them down the funnel. Do you have a demo you’d like them to sign up? Contact you for a free assessment? Whatever that ideal action is, clearly state it in your educational download trigger email.


A cross-sell or up-sell email is automatically sent to customers who purchases something from your website telling them about other complimentary products. You likely already have complementary items tagged to each piece you have for sale, simply take that information and create an email that encapsulates these suggestion into an email.

Email subjects like, “customers who bought X also bought Y” are effective for fashion or accessories. For software or services, a cross-sell email like, “take your training into the stratosphere with ABC add-on service”.

Cross-sell trigger based emails also work for free webinars. “Don’t forget to sign up for part 2” when someone signs up for the introductory webinar is a good example.


We all have customers who are engaged, even brand advocates, and then disappear. It likely doesn’t mean they hate you, but rather that they’ve forgotten about you. One way to keep you on the top of their mind is a re-engagement trigger email. If you’re really good, you may want to develop several of these that correspond with different lengths of time that someone is unengaged with you; from three months to a year.

A re-engagement trigger email may be something as simple as sending a coupon email to a customer who hasn’t visited in six months. Or asking them to update their email preferences. Not only does this give your fans a chance to re-engage and purchase something new, but also allows them to unsubscribe, keeping your email lists relevant and clean.

What are some your favorite trigger emails? Tell us in the comments.

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