Small Ways to Attract Big Talent

Good talent is as hard to find today as ever before. Harder even when you’re a small business competing with recognizable brands and larger budgets. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to pick through the big business reject pile. In fact, small businesses have many perks that desirable employees enjoy that they just don’t get with the big guys. So how can you attract world-class talent to your small business?

Small Ways to Attract Big Talent


Small businesses have many advantages over large corporations that are appealing to today’s younger high-performing talent. Small businesses give employees greater visibility to the entirety of a business rather than a silo’d view of a single department. This is very valuable to talent just out of business school who seek to be leaders. These highly desirable workers also want greater access to leadership, something small businesses do way better than corporations. Another aspect of small businesses to focus on is flexibility; you and your team wear multiple hats which facilitate faster job growth than many big businesses can provide.

With so many advantages of small businesses, be sure you identify them and then plaster them all over your website, integrate them into your brand and of course, brag about them in job postings and in interviews.


If you’re looking for a new manager or VP, don’t forget to look at your current team. Chances are there are a few who are eager to fill the gaps they have to move up. Internal promotion has several positive side effects.

  1. First, your new manager already knows the business and has the relationships.
  2. Second, internal promotion develops a pattern of advancement that attracts other outside talent, see above.
  3. Third, it’s easier to fill the now vacant junior role than a more senior role.


There are events happening all over town that can get the name of your small business in the mind of future, local talent. Speak, sponsor and participate in local small business luncheons, or Chamber of Commerce events, there are always opportunities to get your business into the minds of your next employee. Be sure you stay enthusiastic and let everyone know you’re always looking for good talent.


As a small business, you’re probably not lucky enough to hire a recruiter to help you get the best talent. That’s OK. Good talent are everywhere, you just need to expand your search. Get your current employees involved by offering bonuses and posting reviews on sites like Glassdoor about the work and the culture. Reach out to former employees who may be ready to come back or if they know someone who would fit. And don’t be afraid of working with those others leave behind, like those out of jail looking to prove something. By expanding your search beyond job posting sites, you’ll find undiscovered talent and those eager to move to a new opportunity like yours.

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