Using Webinars to Drive Sales

As a small business, you likely have certain skills or knowledge about a particular subject or niche. This is especially true for services or when products have a long sales cycle because your potential clients don’t have a lot of experience in your field, while you guide clients through a particular process every day.

It’s a core concept of challenger sales and a source of power that you can, and should, leverage to increase your sales by helping educate potential clients. So let’s look at how you can start using webinars to drive sales for your small business. For even more tips, sign up to today’s free webinar on the subject.

Using Webinars to Drive Sales


Chances are you already have the content for a webinar in various sales decks and blog posts. Plan on making your webinar on a specific subject that showcases your expertise. While most webinars are 60 minutes, try a shorter version if this is your first time. Or schedule it at lunch so it becomes a lunch and learn. Either way, you should plan on a short introduction and about five – 10 minutes of Q&A.


Unless you conduct a lot of webinars, you’re likely in need of a little research for which platform to use to host it. Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting are popular choices because they’re easy to use and free. Regardless of your chosen platform, be sure you’re comfortable with using it and practice several times before the big event.


When coming up with content, think of a catchy title that is unusual and will gather attention. When in doubt, look at what works for blog and email subject lines to help guide you. A good title will go a long way in promoting your webinar which will include a variety of tactics including:

  • Your Email List: Start promoting your webinar with your email list since these are already a built-in audience who is likely to be interested.
  • Blog Post: Write a blog post (ahem!) on the subject you seek to cover and link to the webinar registration page for those who want more in-depth information.
  • Social Media: post links, top 10 reasons to sign up, etc. on your company’s social media sites, increasing its frequency as you get closer to the actual event.


At the end of the webinar and before the Q&A, put a bold call to action (CTA) for those who want more details, or information on how what they learned relates specifically to their business. Even if that CTA is free coaching for the first five people who email you, it will generate immediate buzz and leads of those who are ready to take action. Be sure to restate the CTA in post-webinar email communication where you’ll get another boost of leads.

By starting with valuable content, about a month of promotion and a clear CTA, you can get started using webinars to drive leads. But we have a lot more to share today during our free webinar so sign up now!

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