The A, B, Cs of An About Us Page That Converts

Every small business has a web page. And with every web page there is the obligatory About Us page. This is often the place that small businesses spend the least amount of time developing, a throw-away section where you post your mission statement and talk about your staff. But, when crafted well, an About Us page can help not only drive more leads, but better sales leading to more value for your small business. So let’s look at some low hanging fruit of creating an About Us page that converts.

The A, B, Cs of An About Us Page That Converts

A Story

An About Us page with a story will keep people engaged and your audience will see how you’re different, why you’re successful and that you’re focused on helping them succeed. Using the first person “we”, start with a specific problem or need your small business aims to alleviate for its customers. Then explain your company’s unique approach to solving these problems or addressing these needs. This should be your differentiators.

Finalize the story with what you’ve learned from your experiences with clients (name drop, include testimonials), what expertise you’ve gained and awards you’ve won.

Creating a narrative allows you to show, rather than tell, who you are with a brand personality. It will reduce the uncertainty and risk of doing business with you. It will personify your key differentiators and drive emotional responses that will stick in the minds of visitors, increasing the likelihood of continuing along the path to purchase or at the least, return for more. It’s what makes storytelling so powerful.

Be Brief

No one will read your About Us page if it looks like a novel. To help tell your story, above, consider what facts, figures, client quotes, and images can help make your point instead of words. Remember, you want your visitors to understand what your company is, its value and brand. Much of that can be communicated in a sentence and a graphic.

If you find you must write more about a piece of your story, perhaps an exemplary experience with a client, consider linking to a blog or case study where you can go into more depth. Not only will you keep your About Us page clean and concise, but you’ll also draw attention to your company blog or case study page creating further engagement.

Call To Action

Every page on your website needs a call to action. Every. Single. Page. So while your About Us page is about your small business and its story, it’s also an opportunity to get visitors interested in your unique abilities to solve their problems. At the very least, your About Us page should include a “Click here to learn more” that leads people to a specific product or how to contact your sales team. Not only will this help you take your visitor’s initial interest to the next level but it will also allow you to see how effective your About Us page is in converting visitors.

Try it for yourself and let us know in  the comments how it goes.

Image: Photospin


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