Digital Marketing Round Up Feb 2016: Digital Marketing Tools To Help Your Small Business Succeed

Digital marketing is always changing; new best practices, new strategies, and of course, new tools to help you test, refine and create your best digital marketing campaigns. It’s not easy to keep with the most up to date, or even the best tools to push your small business into the green pastures of digital marketing. This is why, every month in 2016, we’re dedicating a blog to these tools, designed specifically for small businesses. Which means they’re free or practically free.

So let’s look at February’s digital marketing tools that will help your small business succeed.

Digital Marketing Round Up

Single View Customer Relationship Management

No digital marketing program is worth the time and effort without a good CRM system. And there are plenty to help small business. This month, we dig deeper into Nimble.

Nimble is designed specifically for small businesses and is an ideal tool for those who are just starting to take CRM seriously. That’s because the hardest part of CRM is building that database of clients and too many small businesses do this by hand. Nimble automates that process of building and maintaining your CRM database by using your existing contacts and emails and putting them all into a single view. And with other features like responsive social listing at a simple $15/mo pricing, it’s worth giving this CRM a spin.

Digital Marketing Command Center

Emfluence helps your small business and is an easy to use, single platform to create, deploy and track your integrated digital marketing campaigns. Based out of Kansas City, this small business knows a thing or two about scaling your digital marketing efforts to make a real connection with your audience. If nothing else, the case studies on their website can inspire your own digital marketing. And their blog, Emfluence Emsights, is a good one to add to your RSS feed.

Social Media Short Cut

Creating your own content is difficult enough, but when it comes to feeding your social media monster, you also need to curate the work of others and share them with your audience, add the right images sized for each platform, insert the right hashtags, and more. It’s a full-time job but if you’re a small business, chances are you can’t hire someone new. Instead, look at 99 Dollar Social. Unlike other automated social sharing posts, 99 Dollar Social creates new, tailored posts for Facebook and Twitter (nothing for Pinterest yet), and inserts all those elements that make for a great, value-added post, like eye-catching images and hashtags. And just like the name promises, it’s $99 a month, way less than a new employee.

There are many more digital marketing tools designed to help your small business succeed. And as marketers, we’re always hypothesising and testing our messages and tactics, why not do the same for the tools that help us reach our customers in a cost effective way? Share with us your favorite digital marketing tools for small business that we missed.

Image: Photospin


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