Your Checklist For the Perfect Blog Post

Successful bloggers know that a steady stream of traffic relies on his or her ability to create content on a regular basis. But committing to a schedule is only half the battle; as one races to beat the clock that never stops, it’s easy to make mistakes and get sloppy with the details. In order to avoid doing more harm than good to your brand, we’ve created an easy to follow checklist to use before you click the publish button.

Your Checklist For the Perfect Blog Post

Create a Catchy Headline

The goal of your title is to grab the reader’s attention, compelling them to read and share your post. Strong adjectives, descriptive keywords, and subtitles can be effective ways to further catch your audience. Try a free headline analyzer or a WordPress plugin like Subtitles to help you punch up your headline.

Develop a Compelling Introduction

Engaging your reader with a call to action or fascinating fact will help hook them fast.

Give it Value

Is this post useful to the reader? Make sure that it is meaningful to your audience, while honoring your own brand goals.

Check Your Grammar and Spelling

It’s amazing how many bloggers fail to take this obvious step. Proof it, proof it, proof it…avoid embarrassing yourself with incoherent content.

Read it out Loud

When you read text like a script you quickly identify the voice of the work.  Ask yourself, does it flow? Does it engage? Does it sound good?

Add a Custom Image

Include a feature image or photo to further solidify the tone of your post and capture the reader’s attention. Make sure that you’ve written an alt attribute to describe it in case the user cannot view it for some reason (i.e. the use of a screen reader as a result of visual impairment).

Tag and Categorize it

Confirm that you’ve properly added tags for any people or resources that you’ve mentioned and categories that parallel your core themes.

Check your Links

Using keywords in the anchor texts, add internal links to related posts or external links to resources to add value. Link any applicable social media forums or sites at the beginning and end of the blog and relevant images.

Make it Scannable

Using H2 and H3 formatting, make sure that the post can be broken into lists and subsections to help Google and your reader know what’s relevant.

Create a Clear Permalink URL

Rather than relying on the default permalink post title, change it to include your keywords.

Find an Effective Title

Not to be confused with your headline, your page title is what appears in search engines as the name of a webpage. It’s important to always optimize your page title using the right keywords that might be used to find your post. Using Google Keyword Tool or something similar can help you with this task.

The steps above will help streamline your process, ensure quality, and save time. Happy blogging!

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3 responses to “Your Checklist For the Perfect Blog Post

  1. Just a little surprised that you left out an ideal length of a blog post. I do realize that 1) there is no ideal length and 2) the ideal length is subjective. But as I read this I did wonder if, towards the end, you might take a stab at it. In any event I enjoyed the read and agree with all of your points. As for length, I try not to publish less than 1000 words. That is not to say that I would never post less than 1000 words. But when I write if I find it less than 1000 words I think about whether I have enough in there to make it worthwhile, and then look to ways I might grow it while maintaining relevance and providing more value… Thanks for the good read, and no, I didn’t count your words to see if you were less than 1000! Cheers!

    • Hey there! Sorry I’m just now seeing your comment. Certainly, blog length is worth discussion, but might warrant a separate post entirely. I’m seeing a lot more clients move toward 1,000+ posts than a few years ago for sure.

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