Tips For Your Best Marketing Event

Marketing events can be one of the most effective ways to promote your business with your key audiences. But anyone who has run events, even after-work cocktails, will tell you how much work they are to organize, promote and ensure value for the attendees, guest speakers and the company.

It takes the pros years to master marketing events with a high ROI but with a few tips, you can shrink that learning curve for your best marketing event.

Tips For Your Best Marketing Event

Make the List

The first place you start with every marketing activity is your audience. However, rather than targeting a narrow audience, you should cast a wider net for a marketing event. But always with your audience in mind.

  • Who does your target admire?
  • Who would they like to rub elbows with?
  • What other groups share similar values?

If your target audience are small business marketers, for example, then creative artists like video game designers would be good supporting guests. You’d also consider inviting big business marketers, perhaps at a junior level, to talk shop.

Regardless of your audience, you can’t go wrong inviting head hunters (for socializing only, of course), media like journalists, reporters and bloggers, and genuinely gregarious people who can keep the conversations flowing.

Location, Location, Location

No, we’re not talking about the venue, we’re talking about an online page where you can send people for more information and to register. You don’t have to host this landing page yourself. You can use Eventbrite or Facebook. Just make sure it includes all the important information; where, when, what’s in it for me (WIIFM), as well as some teasers to generate excitement.

A big eye-catching image with high saturation is a good start. And if you have a video of past events, pay Elancer $50 to edit it to make it something that will excite your audience to come to your event and get them to share it with others.

The single most important thing to include on your event page is the call to action. Register Now! Get Your Tickets Today! Even if the event is free and casual, having a specific CTA where people sign up will help reduce a guest list of hundreds and actual attendees of tens.

Chalk It Up

Have you ever been walking to or by a big tradeshow and seen sidewalk decals promoting some booth or another? Pretty effective in drawing traffic so why not steal that trick to get more people to your event? But instead of expensive decals, use sidewalk chalk in the days leading up to your event, with catchy headlines or, if you’re more artistic, a cool line along with your page details. On the day of the event, you can create a literal path to help guests find you quickly and start the experience before they enter the venue.

There are a lot of tricks to the marketing event trade but keeping it simple and creative will help you have your best event ever!

Image: Photospin


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