Digital Marketing Round Up January 2016: Digital Tools To Help Your Small Business Succeed

We say it a lot; things change quickly. Nowhere is that more apparent than in digital marketing. It seems every week there is a new software or app designed to help small businesses get the most out of their digital marketing strategies. It’s difficult to keep track of it all so we’re dedicating a blog every month to rounding up the most important and helpful digital marketing tools to help your small business succeed with the newest tools.

For January, we’ll focus on some essential digital marketing tools for every small business. While these may not be the newest, they are tried and true. Let us know your favorites in the comments!

Digital Marketing Round Up January 2016: Digital Tools To Help Your Small Business Succeed


Let’s cut to the chase, digital marketing is shooting blindfolded in the dark without some sort of CRM that helps you understand which of your customers are interacting with your brand on which channel. But CRM tools can be expensive or too much horsepower for your small business. So find one designed specifically for small businesses.

Zoho is a unique suite of services that includes CRM and customer support, both critical needs for a small business. After all, one of the key competitive advantages of a small business is their customer relationship management abilities, so linking a customer’s online behavior with customer support tools is a logical fit for any small business.


Email marketing continues to be the bread and butter of any digital marketing strategy. Easy to create, track and personalize, email is one of the most powerful communication tools in your small business marketing tool box. An email service provider (ESP) is easily the smartest investment in digital marketing any small business can make, especially one tailored for small businesses.

Mailchimp is not new, by any means but continues to provide powerful capabilities that improve and streamline your email marketing activities. And with online tutorials, even a first-time user can generate sophisticated email campaigns without frustrations.


Keywords have become more difficult recently thanks to Google’s “hiding data”, but that doesn’t mean finding the right keywords for your content marketing isn’t as important as ever to drawing organic searches to your content.

Yoast is a plugin for WordPress websites designed to help you ensure content on your site is SEO friendly. After you install it, Yoast works automatically. And with a free trial, you can see if it’s right for you.

If you’re not sure which keywords to use, Ubersuggest is a free suggestion tool that will give you a detailed list of keywords for you to use on your social posts and account descriptions, website and search campaigns.

With so many new tools coming to the market designed to help small businesses succeed, it never hurts to test a few every month and see what sticks and what bites the dust. Share with us what you find is working and what is worth skipping in the comments below.

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