Getting Free Publicity for Your Small Business

Free. It’s a great word. Especially for your small business looking to make a dent in your market. Publicity can be a low-cost way to build awareness among your target audience. With a little public relations saavy, your small business can get some much deserved free publicity that can help generate real sales.

Getting Free Publicity for Your Small Business


Journalists are always seeking experts to quote and because you’re a small business person with a particular expertise in a particular community, you have something to say. ProfNet is a website from PR Newswire where media go looking for sources, and is a perfect place to offer your services. Better yet, stories will often link back to your website, so you can track how effective this free publicity tactic really is to your business.


While David Ogilvy didn’t approve of celebrity endorsements by themselves, they can be an effective way for your small business to make a splash by leveraging the endorsement into even more coverage. The problem is getting to the celebrity. That’s where Contact Any Celebrity comes in. The website gives you access to 60,000 celebrities, via their agent or publicist. While there is no guarantee the celebrity will respond, it’s worth a shot at a thoughtful pitch (remember, what’s in it for them), and a free seven-day trial.


If you really want the media to work for you, you’ll need to identify which journalists are most interested in what you have to share. Don’t just think, the Daily Mail, but the journalist that actually covers small business for the Daily Mail, as well as whatever your area of expertise is in. Then, develop a series of story angles that could generate interest from each of these journalists based on what they actually write about.

The small business reporter may be interested in your celebrity endorsement, while the community events journalist will want to know about your free seminar on how to install baby car seats. Target the stories to each or your efforts will go nowhere.


EzineArticles sends publishers lists of quality blog posts from people just like you. These publishers are looking for good content to send to their larger email lists so if you’re looking to generate a lot of a awareness, this could be a valuable tool for getting free publicity for your small business. But because they have quality standards, be sure you submit only your best blogs. And if you include a resource box or a well-written “About the Author” at the end, you can generate awareness into real website traffic.

Using the media as your advertising platform can be more effective than regular advertising, when done well because the public trusts the media more than advertising. To learn more specific tactics to get your small business out there, plan on attending our free webinar on the subject on January 12, or check out our archive for more.

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