4 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Sales

Everyone knows that Facebook rules the social media empire. But when it comes to e-commerce, Pinterest claims the throne. According to Shopify, two million people pin products every day and 93% of users use the social media platform to plan their future purchases, even in stores.

Nowhere is this more obvious than during the holiday season. With the roll-out of Pinterest’s Buyable Pins earlier this year, small businesses can no longer afford to ignore this powerful platform. So let’s look closer and discover four creative ways to use Pinterest to drive sales.

4 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Sales

1. Pin Sales

Whether it’s a post-Christmas sale or your five year anniversary, you have sales. Why not take it online and create a dedicated Pin board of all your sale items in one place? Using both Buyable Pins and Rich Pins will allow customers from all over the world to purchase your sale items or be directed to your website for more information and more products. All from the Pinterest app or online site.

Be sure you include product pricing and even the number of items in stock to make it as easy as possible for your customers to quickly make their purchase and help you drive more sales.

2. Use Rich Pins To Up Sell

Rich Pins not only allow you to lead people directly to your product page, but also enables you to show similar items so people can get matching gloves to go with that scarf or a shaker to go with that bottle of bitters.

Whatever you sell, chances are you have complementary products that customers would be interested in purchasing. And because Rich Pins also allow you to pin products under products and gifts, you can get twice the audience for your original and add-on items.

3. Best Seller Board

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a pretty savvy small business person so you likely know what products and services are your best sellers. Use this information to curate a board dedicated to these cash cows. Enforce them with the strategies above in addition to well-thought out tags that will help draw people to these pins and drive sells.

Enlist the help of your existing community to spread the reach of each Pin, either through some sort of contest or by targeting highly influential Pinners in your space. You know who they are.

4. As Seen On Pinterest

If you have a brick and mortar store, you can use Pinterest to drive sales by creating an “As Seen On Pinterest” display in your store. This signals to your patrons that you’re not only active on Pinterest but also identifies the most impressive items in your store. Maybe it’s your most re-Pinned products, or your latest product Pin board. Whatever the theme, be sure you include signage with your Pinterest handle so in-store visitors can follow you.

Pinterest is a powerful platform that can help you realize quick sales now and a growing community to support future sales in the future.

Image: Photospin


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