4 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Videos

Video is a powerful medium to show and tell your audience about your product and services. It shows how much better your audience’s lives will be with your offering and reduces the risk in investing in a small business. Videos can also be inexpensive to make and easily integrate into most website hosting sites.

However, a few common mistakes will take away from the value and message of video. So let’s look at four mistakes you’re making with your marketing videos so you can avoid them and get your message heard.

4 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Videos

1. Your Videos Don’t Sell Benefits

Video is visual. So why do so many small businesses insist on listing all the features of their product or service? Technical details are best left for when your audience is more engaged further down your sales pipeline. A marketing video, on the other hand, is meant to capture attention and draw customers in. Focus, instead, on explaining the value of a few differentiated features and how they will make your customer’s life better.

Dawn soap had a very effective campaign showing how it cuts through oil covering seabirds. With this one visual, we see Dawn as strong enough to cut through grease but gentle enough to be used on baby ducks. This is more effective than listing all the ingredients which would tell the same story, but not be effective.

2. Your Videos Sound Terrible

With today’s inexpensive, high quality cameras, it’s easy to produce quality videos. Sound is a different animal all together. No wonder it took decades between the first motion picture and the first “talkie”. Poor sound quality can be very distracting, making your audience focus on how terrible it sounds. Just check out the comments on this recent Grommet sale. So use professional voice over artists, or sound tracks.  

3. Your Videos Are Too Long

You love your product and you want to tell the world all the things about it. But if you do, not many people will make it to the end, where your call to action is usually placed. Depending on the type of marketing video you’re producing, studies show customers want videos under three minutes and, really, closer to one.

A good rule of thumb is to keep it under two minutes with about 150 words per minute. That way you don’t overwhelm your audience with all the things, but instead lead them into further interaction with a clear call to action.

4. You’re Not Promoting Your Videos

If you don’t promote your content, it becomes the tree no one hears falling in the forest. And then your efforts are in vain. Shorter vignettes of the video are ideal for your social media monster and can drive engaged audiences to the longer version. Post your videos on your front page and use them in your newsletters. Videos, like all content, need promotion so find different ways to use them throughout your marketing channels.

With better production and promotion, your marketing videos can help take your small business marketing to the next level.

Image: Photospin


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