Now’s the Time to Jump on Personalized Marketing

You’ve probably noticed a lot of buzz around personalized marketing. Creating marketing messages and experiences that are personalized to the preferences, behaviors, names, etc., of individuals we connect with through our marketing mix continues to show value across channels.

With personalized messages and content that speaks directly to your audience as individuals, you’ll start to see your return visitors, open and click-thru rates increase, and ultimately your conversions.

So let’s look at just three easy but effective ways you can get personal with your customers.

Now's the Time to Jump on Personalized Marketing

1. Personalized Emails

If you engage in any email marketing, you probably already know enough to personalize the sender’s name to reflect a real person. You also probably use a feature like MailChimp’s Merge Tags to use your audience’s first name. But these days, that’s standard operating procedure and can even be seen as trite and impersonal from your audience.

So if you do this now, now’s the time to take your personalized email marketing to the next level. How? If you’re an ecommerce company, you can initiate an email marketing campaign to re-kindle customer relationships that have gone cold. Or you can automate an abandoned cart email that contains not only pictures, testimonials, or warnings of running out of stock, but also what other products you sell that would pair well with what they already had in their cart.

2. LinkedIn Company Pages

Here’s a clever way, especially for you in the services industry, to create a personalized experience for your LinkedIn audience. The social media site allows companies to create a variety of company product pages that then will be personalized to your audience based on your target’s demographic, industry, geographic and job function information.

This can be a powerful way to target different services to different users, making it more relevant and therefore increasing the likelihood of a click-thru to your website. You can use this to create specific landing pages for each type of company page you create to further personalize your audience’s experience. This tutorial from HubSpot will help you set up different pages in less than a day.

3. Personalized Landing Pages

Take the added step to send personalized emails, social media posts, etc., to specific landing pages designed to further engage your audience in a particular topic they’ve shown interest in. If someone clicks on an email link on Social Media marketing, send them to a landing page that has more of the same and a call to action personalized to this interest. The point is to look for ways to be relevant to the specific actions, behaviors and preferences your audience has revealed based on your interaction with them so far.

There are literally millions of ways you can personalize your user’s experience, and almost as many reasons you’d want to as you continue to improve and grow your small business. The key is collecting good data, and using it to deliver relevant information.

Image: Photospin


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