3 Digital Marketing Investments to Make Now

As a small business, you know the opportunities and challenges of digital marketing. While it levels the playing field of business by being very accessible, it is also requires constant testing to take full advantage of its opportunity to attract, engage and convert customers.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the “shoulds” of digital marketing and too often as small business owners, we neglect to invest the time or money for keeping up with the latest research, tactics and tools.

Rather than add a lot of tactics to your list of To Dos, let’s look at the three most important investments you need to make now in your digital marketing.

3 Digital Marketing Investments to Make Now

1. An Optimized Website

With more than 50% of the purchasing decision being made before the customer reaches out to your organization, your website is more important than ever. If your website takes too long to load, doesn’t look good on their device of choice or doesn’t lead visitors to a call to action, they’ll find one that does.

We’ve spent a lot of time on BizLaunch talking about ways to optimize your website, whether it’s using SEO to improve organic search, incorporating responsive design, or reducing 404 Errors. There are plenty of ways and reasons to analyze your website at least annually and find ways to improve its design and functionality.

Start with free resources like Google’s PageSpeed Tool will help you determine if and how you can improve your website’s page loading speed. And Google’s webmaster tools will help you determine your site’s mobile-readiness. And as I wrote a few years ago, SEO is important throughout your website, from your blog to the URLs you use and it’s as true then as it is now.

2. Consistently Relevant Content

As I’ve mentioned for years on BizLaunch, consistently relevant content is the bedrock of a good digital marketing strategy. It positions your small business as an expert in your niche or field, it feeds your social media monster to keep you relevant and in the conversations that will get in front of your audience. It also constantly drives people to your website where you can engage with them more and, when the time is right, sell them on your particular product or service.

A good piece of content should be able to be broken into smaller, bite-sized snippets that should feed your digital marketing machine for at least a week. So whether you curate or create content, prioritizing it will only help you meet you digital marketing goals.

3. Google Adwords

Paid Search is an effective and efficient way to bring people to your website. Unlike other forms of advertising, you have a significant amount of control of your spend with Google Adwords and other Paid Search techniques. In addition to being financially responsible, Paid Search will amplify your content, making all that hard work pay off even more.

Focusing on these three digital marketing investments will help your limited time and money go further.

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