Should Your Small Business Start Its Own Podcast

After last year’s phenomen podcast hit, Serial, some small businesses have started asking if this is a channel they can exploit for their content and digital marketing. Podcasts can be a powerful way to connect your small business with your target audiences, even more than a blog or video, because it’s auditory only, your message isn’t interrupted by the other sense.

Furthermore, not many companies utilize this channel, despite its growing popularity so it could be a smart strategy for getting ahead of the competition. But it’s not for everyone. Ask yourself these questions before taking the podcast plunge.

Should Your Small Business Start Its Own Podcast

Do You Have Something to Say That People Want To Hear?

This seems obvious but it’s worth stating that the reason to start a podcast is to tell a story that someone wants to hear. Having a POV takes some guts sometimes, but it will be rewarded with fans who will value your thoughts and return to your podcasts for more of the same.

For example, say you’re an app that helps business people get quick lunches. You could produce a short weekly podcast highlighting the newest restaurants and services. So long as the story and POV align with your small business brand, the podcast will have a positive effect your bottom line too.

Do You Have a Target Audience?

In order for a podcast to make sense for your small business, it must have a target audience that would value a podcast and the information you want to share. Without a well-defined target, or one with an appreciation for technology or the information you want to share, a podcast may not be right for you.

Can it Align With Your Current Content Marketing Strategy?

Small businesses use podcasts as an extension of their content marketing. It can be a terrific extension of your current owned media like your blog, or case study interviews. Language learning podcasts do a great job at this and worth looking at for reference. But if your small business doesn’t create blogs, whitepapers, case studies, or the like, starting a podcast might not make a lot of sense.

Does it Align With Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy?

Because podcasts are distributed across a variety of digital channels starting one also needs to align with your digital marketing strategy. If you get a lot of traction with video and are good at using all your digital marketing channels to promote your content, then you might be ready for branching out into podcasts.

Do You Have the Time?

Every business person is faced with a multitude of opportunities and we all have to choose which we pursue and which we leave behind. It can be tough and even if a podcast might be something that will benefit your small business, if you don’t have the time to produce one with valuable content, consistently, it’s best to leave it behind.

While podcasts aren’t the biggest buzz, they might just be right for your small business.

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