5 Templates You Need to Design Now to Streamline Your Email Marketing

As a small business, you likely see email marketing as a crucial part of your marketing mix. So you and your team argue over a single word while crafting the perfect message. You test delivery times, and subject lines, and build landing pages to help with conversions.

With so much effort put into your email marketing campaigns, you probably don’t send as many as you’d like because it takes time. Time you don’t have. Email automation can help but so too can templates. So let’s look at five templates you need to design now to streamline your email marketing efforts.

5 Templates You Need to Design Now to Streamline Your Email Marketing

1. Newsletter

Whether your small business is a brick and mortar store or a blog, you probably have an email newsletter. The email newsletter is not just a replica of your paper newsletter, if you still have one. It’s an interactive, lead generating tool that should be designed to grab and keep the attention of your audience.

Design a template that takes your newsletter stories and displays them in a way that encourages further reading. A 250 word summary with a “Link for more” button can be an effective way to get people to see all the content you have to offer every month, without getting lost in the weeds. Then you can track what type of information people are interested in and segment your lists even further.

2. Event

Events are a great way to celebrate and share your small business with your audience. If you host events to promote your business either in person or online, you likely send email invitations out. Rather than wasting the touchpoint and data by using a third-party service like Evite, design an event template now that will share the excitement of the event and make it easy to RSVP. Consider adding a “Save to Calendar” feature so people don’t forget.  

3. Sale

A promotion is a great way to spur sales and is a terrific touchpoint so your audience doesn’t forget about your small business. Make it easy to share information about your sale with your subscribers by creating a simple email template. It can be as simple as a compelling image with a big “25% OFF” over it, followed by two or three sentences about the deal. And of course linked right back to your website.

4. Announcements

Maybe you’re opening your second shop, or have improved your website’s payment platform. You’re constantly improving your small business to meet the changing needs of your customers. What better reason to reach out with an announcement?  While perhaps not for all your subscribers, if you’ve segmented your list and have identified your super fans, they’d likely get the most value out of these types of announcements.

5. Feedback

Asking for periodic feedback from your customers is a great way to improve your operations, business, product and marketing. Every so often, you should send an email to your customers asking for quick, candid feedback on how you can improve how you serve their needs.

Every business is different, so if you find yourself sending more than three emails around a specific subject, create a template so you can streamline your email marketing even further.

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