September is the Time To Build Your Subscribers

With autumn knocking on our doors, it’s time to think about your holiday marketing. If you’re following our annual plan for better marketing, than you spent last month planning your Q4 marketing to ensure your busiest time is also your most productive. Whether you’re Q4 planning is complete or not, you’ll want a large audience to receive your holiday marketing messages and offers, which is why September is the time to build your subscriber lists.

Let’s look at some ways you can easily grow your audiences starting today.

September is the Time To Build Your Subscribers

Lightbox Up

Adding a lightbox to your website and/or blog can drastically increase your email subscribers. It’s basically a pop-up, yet usually more elegant than a pop-up ad, asking your audience to sign up for your email newsletter.

There are two ways to incorporate lightboxes into your website or blog. The first is pretty straight forward. The lightbox automatically pops up whenever someone visits your website or blog. It’s pretty easy on WordPress, and really any web hosting site, so there’s no reason not to try it out.

The other is a lightbox that is triggered by some action, a hover over a piece of content, or when your visitor has scrolled to a certain point in your blog, often signifying they’re almost done reading it. This option is great because your lightbox message can read more like, “if you like this article, you’ll love our newsletter. Sign up now!”

As I mentioned in my original article, you can also add a lightbox to your YouTube to grow your audience on that platform if that makes sense to your businesses.

Sharing is Caring

When looking to grow your email subscriber list, don’t forget to use your current audience to help spread the word and get a bigger audience. Be sure to include social sharing buttons and forwarding capabilities to all your emails. Not only will doing so improve your CTR but you’ll get genuine referrals, which is about as good as you can get.

Signatures Sign Ups

Like including social sharing buttons in email marketing messages, including a link to the email signatures of you and your team asking people to sign up to receive newsletters will help spread the word about your content and that you’re seeking subscribers.

New Content

Creating a great piece of content that requires interested parties to sign up for a newsletter can be a great way to grow your subscriber lists. Just be sure the content is worth it, and that you clearly state what people are signing up for.

Use Social Channels

Add a “subscribe” button to your Facebook business page or promote offers that require an email address via Pinterest.

September is a great time to build the audience you need to succeed in the fourth quarter. By simply asking for subscribers across your existing channels and through your existing efforts, you’ll have more ears and eyes on your business this holiday season.

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