Syncing Your Email Marketing with Your Social Media Marketing

Whether you call it one-to-one marketing, or personalized marketing, the trend is clear: Companies that create a personalized experience perform better. Especially if you can do it across channels. With a little planning even a small business can see big value in coordinating their email and social media marketing.

Syncing Your Email Marketing with Your Social Media Marketing

Differing Levels of Automation

It’s likely that you’re already automating your social media and email marketing. If you have set up autoresponders for your emails or if you use Hootsuite to automatically send a thank you Tweet to anyone who Retweets you, you’re doing some basic automation.

To maximize these efforts, you’ll have to create a personalized experience. Start by segmenting your list, tagging as many people as possible with specific characteristics that you can respond to, like their last purchase: purse or shoes? Or maybe you need to track their age, or geographical location. If you’re more sophisticated, include some key behaviors, like use of coupon. Ideally each person in your list should have some characteristic and/or behavior associated with them.

Segmentation or use of personas allows you to personalize your communication to each characteristic, behavior or combination so it’s relevant without being over burdensome. Regardless of how fancy your cross channel automation machine is, if your message isn’t targeted, personalized and relevant, you won’t see the needle move.

Fuse Email and Social Media Marketing

Many small businesses have all their marketing done by the same person, but if you have an email marketing specialist that is separate from your social media community manager, sit them next to each other. Or have them do a quick 15 minute check-in at the beginning of each day so they’re constantly coordinating their efforts to create a single voice across these channels.

An easy first step to syncing your email and social media marketing is to include social media content into emails, like including the winner of a recent social media contest in your email newsletter. Then fill your social media content calendar with bite-sized pieces of your email marketing content, like linking to a whitepaper you initially sent out via email. Include clear calls to action to encourage your audience to engage with you on the other channel.

Including social sharing icons on your emails is another easy way to fuse social and email marketing. Not only will it encourage new social followers, but can boost your email CTR.

Add your best social content to your welcome emails so your newest audience members learn about the value of connecting with you. If you use an ESP (email service provider), you can even set an automation rule to add people to a specific campaign or list based on what content they clicked on. For example, you can automatically add those who clicked on a popular Facebook post about reducing energy costs in the office to a campaign for reducing costs in general. Then, they get the content they’ve implicitly told you they value. Now that’s personalization.

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