4 Ways You Can Increase Your Click-Through Rates

They say if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing, and click-through rates are the key measurement behind your paid search and online advertising campaigns. It’s calculated by dividing the number of impressions your ad receives by the number of clicks on your ad.  Of course it’s not that simple, so let’s look at four ways you can increase the click-through rates of your next search, banner and social campaign.

4 Ways You Can Increase Your Click-Through Rates

1. Aim High

More impressions mean a higher click-through rate, so it makes sense to try to get more eyeballs on your ad. Heat maps that track what people look at on websites and search results reveals that it pays to be one of the top five listings for your key searches. While you can make the argument that anything below the top five has a long tail value, you’ll want to be sure you are in the top five for your most important keywords or phrases.

2. Be Specific

Because competition for the top five search results can be fierce, you may find targeting just a few search phrases to be too expensive or not give you the click-through rate you want. You can get around this by targeting a larger number of defined search phrases specific to different aspects of your business or type of service you provide.

For example, a plumber may set keyword phrases around “bathroom sink”, “kitchen sink”, and “toilet”. Not only will competition for these be lower than, “plumber”, but you can target each search with a very specific landing page targeting that particular aspect of your business which should improve your conversions overall.

3. Turn Right

If your search campaign includes advertisements and display banners, you’ll want to set your expectations for a proper click-through rate. They’re low. In fact, the average click-through rate of ads on Google is 2%, or two clicks for every 100 views. However, if your ad is on the display network, look to set a benchmark of around .1%. To help boost this, turn again to heat maps, which show people generally focus on the right-hand size of a page. This makes sense because this is how western cultures read, left to right.

4. Tweet

In addition to paid search and banner ads, you may also be considering a social media campaign to increase website traffic. Not only does your brand gain more awareness, but as your social signals rise, your SEO improves. And with more visitors come more opportunities to convert them to sales.

Twitter, for example, can be a powerful way for you to get exposure and gain more visitors. If you choose to conduct a Twitter campaign, you should expect a click-through rate of roughly 1.64%. Experiment with your standard search terms and test others that you’re considering on a regular basis to hone in on the right terms and phrases that will draw in the masses.

Image: Photospin


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