3 Energy-Saving Incentive Programs That Will Save Your Business Money

Sure, you can save a few cents by using timers around the office and turning down the thermostat, but there’s an even bigger way to save money while being green in your office.


There are currently several incentive programs in Canada designed to inspire you to upgrade your lighting, heating, and electrical systems, while rewarding you financially for doing so.

1. retrofit program

Often, it’s outdated equipment that gobbles energy and makes our utility bills rise. saveonenergy’s Retrofit Program encourages businesses to upgrade to more environmentally friendly lighting, motors, heating, and control systems, and you can get reimbursed for up to 50% of your project costs. Learn more here.

2. audit funding

Having an energy audit can help you understand where the energy issues are in your building. Energy experts can provide you with cost-effective solutions  that will help you reduce costs and energy use. You can also receive up to 50% of the cost of your audit . Learn more here.

3. Lighting incentives

If you’re withering away under environmental leeches like fluorescent lighting, take advantage of saveonenergy’s Small Business Lighting Program. Qualified businesses can get the first $1,500 in lighting upgrades free, and further upgrades to lighting, HVAC, and other systems can qualify for financial incentives worth up to 50% of project costs. Learn more here.

More energy conservation tips

If you’re ready to start saving money while saving the planet, consider what your biggest energy wasters are. If you’re a manufacturing firm, it might be your equipment. If you run a retail store, it’s probably that air conditioning that keeps your customers so cool. Prioritize what you can do first.

If budget is a concern, even with those great economic incentives available, start small. Even something as small as replacing your outdated light bulbs with LED lighting can make a difference.

Realize that your efforts to greenify your business can be used as a branding tool. When your customers hear that you’re going to great lengths to reduce your energy consumption, they’ll rally behind you.


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