5 Ways Your Small Business Can Feed Its Social Media Monster

Every small business knows the challenge of getting their message above the noise. Thankfully, social media is a powerful tool that can help. But social media is a needy channel, requiring constant attention. It’s no wonder so many businesses, large and small, have entire teams dedicated to taming this monster. If you don’t have this kind of army, here are five ways your small business can feed its social media monster.

5 Ways Your Small Business Can Feed Its Social Media Monster

1. Create Good Content

There’s no replacement for good content for your social media monster to consume, but what constitutes good content? Taking a page from Contagious: Why Things Catch On, start with where your target’s needs and interests intersect with your company’s core competencies. Then, present it in a way that makes the content useful, like saving time or money. You can also try to spark an emotional response like surprise or happiness. People like to engage with, and share, content that reflects their own self-image so consider making your content cool. Just remember to focus on what your audience wants and where you can help deliver on that need.

2. Make It Bite-Sized

With good content, you’ll need to do more than just feed it to your social media monster. Instead, break up the videos, white papers, brochures, and blog posts into small, bite-sized posts.

  • Have a statistic in your brochure? That’s a post.
  • Have a quote in a case study? That’s a post.

Schedule these bite-sized posts at the same time you publish your original piece to ensure consistency and that you don’t forget to sate your monster’s appetite.

3. Monitor And Prioritize

Your social media monster wants more than broadcasting, it wants you to listen, react and engage. This can be exhausting but prioritizing key words and phrases you’re monitoring can help keep you engaged when it matters most. Set up several keywords and phrases for each piece of content you publish to help ensure you’re understanding how your content marketing is being received on social media.

4. Share Relevant Content

To keep up with your social media monster’s appetite, you’ll need to repost content from other sources. You can use services like Feedly which monitors multiple news sources from a single site so you can easily discover stories worth sharing. And Klout will help you identify what content your audience would like so you can share and comment accordingly.

5. Automate

To help you tame your social media monster, you’ll need to automate your workflow. If you haven’t embraced IFTTT then you’re wasting time. There are literally thousands of recipes to automate feeding your social media monster like automatically generating a #FF for everyone you’ve favorited in the last week, adding posts with a specific hashtag to a Google spreadsheet, and sharing every relevant reddit AMA with your Facebook followers.

With the right strategy of good content and simple hacks, you don’t have to be a slave to your social media monster.

Image: Photospin


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