Why Small Businesses Need to Think Small Screen First

Mobile search and marketing is taking over business, whether you’re ready or not. Last month, we walked through Google’s major change in their algorithm which gave preference to mobile friendly websites. If that wasn’t enough, almost half of all the traffic to your website originates from a smartphone so it’s becoming increasingly important for small businesses to think and plan for the small screen first. Let’s look at what is available to a small business to improve their small screen strategies and tools to make it easier than ever.

Why Small Businesses Need to Think Small Screen First

Mobile Marketing Mix

Mobile marketing is really comprised of a variety of strategies that get your message into the hands, literally, of your audience. SMS text messages, multimedia messages (MMS), push notifications in apps and from iBeacons, and other geolocation are all avenues for your business to send highly targeted audience coupons, special discounts, announcements and other promotions. As more and more companies become more sophisticated in their mobile marketing strategies, it is key for small business to remember that the key is to be valuable, be personalized and be timely.

While there are plenty of mobile avenues to engage with your audience, it’s critical that you don’t jump on the mobile train until you’re ready to provide a great experience. Understanding what you want to achieve from your mobile campaigns is an obvious but often overlooked first step, so take a moment to talk with your marketing and IT departments and partners to flush this out. Then you can start or improve your mobile marketing strategy.

Ready, Set, Mobile

Keeping up with the latest technology is difficult for any business but the first obvious mobile step is to launch a mobile-friendly website. Not only will it improve your search results, see above, but will keep your mobile traffic engaged and converted quickly if done well. While there are several ways to create a mobile-friendly website, a responsive design will ensure your website is optimized whether your audience is visiting on their tablet, Apple, or Android device.

Mobile traffic is generated by busy people, so keep your calls to action clear, any opt-ins simple, and above all, make sure you have very fast page load times.

Mobile Marketing Management

With a mobile-friendly website, the second easiest mobile marketing campaign for any small business is an SMS text campaign. Streamline your management with Mogreet Express which can help you automate a campaign by building a list, verifying their inclusion in a promotion list and then pushing out your promotion or message from a single platform.

Maybe you’re a mobile marketing maven and ready to conduct several mobile campaigns at the same time. Huzzah Media is an all-in-one mobile marketing platform designed specifically to help manage all your mobile marketing campaigns whether it’s texting a promotion to a list, pushing a coupon to those who crossed a geofence or sending a special discount code to those who downloaded your app.

Mobile marketing is still in its early phases but it’s here to stay and becoming increasingly important in our mobile-driven lives. Small businesses that can tap into this behavior will find they can compete better and sustain their businesses longer.

Image: Photospin


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