Boost Business With A Better Mobilegeddon-Free Website

Last month Mobilegeddon rocked the internet. By changing its search algorithm, Google is boosting mobile-friendly pages on its search results. Better rankings lead to better business so let’s look at some ways to succeed in this new playground and boost your small business with a better mobile website.

Boost Business With A Better Mobilegeddon-Free Website

First, the Facts

According to USA Today, as many as 40% of the top websites were not mobile-friendly at the time Google implemented its new algorithm. So you’re not alone. But the changes that Google made only impact smartphone mobile search, not desktop or tablet searches. Still, smartphone traffic accounts for about half of all Google searches so it’s no small amount. Sites with unplayable videos, slow mobile pages and blocked image files will be knocked down on mobile search listings but you can adjust your site anytime to improve your results.

Despite all the “Mobilegeddon” hype, Google says that mobile friendliness is just one aspect of the updated algorithm but that it still takes many other variables into account when determining search rankings.

The Mobile-Friendly Test

Having a mobile-friendly site is important whether Google makes you do it or not. Your visitors want it. But rather than going off and making a bunch of changes that might not be worth the investment right now, use Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test to determine if your site is considered mobile-friendly. If not, the test will tell you which aspects you need to change or update to make the grade.

Once you’ve corrected the errors, test your site again. If you “pass”, Google will add a “Mobile-Friendly” label to your mobile search result. The algorithm is in real time so the label should come pretty quickly.

Making Mobile Your Friend

Some surefire ways to get a Mobile-Friendly label is to avoid software that isn’t common on mobile devices, like Flash. A responsive site will also help you overcome the Mobilegeddon doom as well as improve your user experience. Finally, putting links far enough apart for even the fattest of fingers is a strategy for a mobile friend site.

A big mobile mistake is to block crawlers which also blocks Googlebot which crawls through your site to experience it like a user. Test your JavaScript, CSS and image files using Google’s “Fetch as Google” feature to see what Googlebot sees. If it isn’t what your users see, the feature will help you fix most of the indexing issues on your site. If you use separate URLs for your mobile pages, be sure to test that along with any redirects from your desktop.

If this seems like a lot of tech-speak, it kind of is, but you can get more help with Google’s Webmaster Tools. And once you’ve confirmed your mobile-readiness, be sure to check out other quick-win strategies for boosting your business with a better website with our free webinar later this month.

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