4 Ways Your Small Business is Wasting Energy

You may be mindful about your business expenses with regards to your budgets, travel, and even break room supplies, but are you ignoring one of the most obvious money wasters? That would be your energy usage. And while leaving lights on in the office is one obvious energy-waster, there are others you may not be aware you’re guilty of.


Here are 4 little energy monsters that you can squash by changing your habits around the office (and encouraging your employees to do the same).

  1. You Ignore the Thermostat

It’s a point of contention during the day: half the office thinks it’s too hot, while the other half is freezing. But what happens in the 16 hours or so that no one is in the office? Likely, you leave it set on whatever it was on during the day, and it burns up energy.

You can lower your electricity bill simply by investing in a programmable thermostat. Set it to adjust the temperature in your office by 10-15 degrees once the office is closed, and you could shave 10% off of your bill. Likewise, if your air condition unit is outdated, you could upgrade to a more energy-efficient model and get incentives of more than $8,000.

  1. Your Bulbs are Old School

If you don’t give much thought to the lightbulbs around your office, you might want to. Did you realize that LED lighting –which uses at least 75% less energy — lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lighting? That pays off financially as well, since you’ll spend less money — not to mention time — buying bulbs throughout the year.

And if it’s time for a lighting upgrade, use this as motivation: if your business qualifies, you can get the first $1,500 in upgrade costs free.

  1. Your Equipment Runs Nonstop

Sure, it’s a pain to remember, but shutting off the power strips for your computers, printers, and other devices over the weekend can make you an environmental angel and save you money. Try a timer that will shut it off for you if remembering to do so is a challenge.

  1. Your Machinery is Gobbling Energy

If you’re of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of thought, you probably don’t see the value of upgrading your HVAC, VFD, motors, or other machinery you use in your business. But an energy audit (which you don’t even have to pay for fully if you qualify) can tell you how much energy these old machines are sapping. You might be surprised: it might be cheaper to upgrade to more energy-efficient machinery than to continue to pay your outrageous electrical bill. And with saveonenergy’s Retrofit Program, you don’t even have to pay the full cost of the upgrade.

You, of course, are concerned with the cost savings here. But doing your part to lower the amount of energy wasted also provides good karma. Get your team excited about being more mindful about their energy consumption, and then enjoy your lower bills.

Image: PhotoSpin


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