Now’s the Time to Use Social Sweepstakes

As the social media space gets more and more crowded with advertisers and marketers of all sizes, social sweepstakes are proving a valuable way to generate more followers and more leads. Let’s look at how you can conduct your own contest on social media. And when you’re ready for more, sign up for a free BizLaunch webinar on conducting your own social sweepstakes here.

Now’s the Time to Use Social Sweepstakes

Pick Your Venue, Know The Rules

You may decide that running a contest on all the social media platforms doesn’t make sense. A Pin It To Win It contest, for example, doesn’t really makes sense on Facebook while a simple hashtag on a photo contest works across platforms. Choose a channel, or multiple, and then develop the type of contest to run based on your audience, platform user profile and, not least, the rules of that social media site. Pinterest has the least rules, while Facebook has the most. Be sure you follow their guidelines or risk getting banned.

Don’t Overthink the Prize

This may seem counterintuitive after all, wouldn’t you get more entrants for an iWatch than a $10 gift card? The answer is generally no. It takes the same effort to enter to win a car as it does to enter to win a drone helicopter. The important thing is that the contest generates visibility and the prize is valuable to your audience and aligned with your brand. A camo baseball cap seems out of place for a high end nail salon so make sure your prize makes sense.

Simplify Entry

Encourage as many people to enter your contest as possible by making entry quick and simple. If you want people to post a pic with a hashtag, allow them to do it across multiple channels. If you want them to enter by filling out a survey, make the survey one page and no more than 10 quick questions. People are busy and if your contest is even perceived as complicated, you’ll find people won’t finish.

Spread the Word

While you think a big prize will generate social sharing, you’ll find more luck, and higher ROI creating a viral contest, one that is fun (think ice-bucket challenge), and/or one that rewards people for getting their friends to enter.

In addition to create a viral contest, you’ll likely need to find a way to amplify your sweepstakes to generate the fans and leads you’re seeking. This might include promoted posts, ads and/or using social sweepstakes tools like Shortstack, WooBox or a variety of others. Remember to engage often and promote your contest across your digital assets including other social media platforms, your email marketing campaigns and website.

To learn more about using social sweepstakes to generate followers and leads, be sure to sign up for this free webinar hosted by BizLaunch.

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