3 Tips to Hiring for Growth

As the economy continues to recover, many small businesses are growing, resulting in the need for more employees. But as your small business expands, you may realize you need different skills, attitudes and types of employees than you have in the past, making reaching them a challenge. So let’s look at three tips you can use to hire the right employees that will support your growth.

3 Tips to Hiring for Growth

#1. Prove You’re Ready For Growth  

Many small businesses going through a growth spurt make the mistake of presenting themselves as they always have and expecting different results. Step up your game by thinking like a big company and going after the talent you need like you’re already there. This includes improving your website and being more aggressive in your recruitment strategies.

A great way to show your candidates you’re ready for the big time and a serious contender for their skills is to send your top executives to recruiting events. Executives often share passion for the company’s future that HR recruiters can’t and their attendance highlights a positive part of a smaller company: closer relationships with senior leadership, a highly desirable feature job seekers value, sometimes over compensation, as they grow their career.

#2. Hire The Attitude, Train The Skills

As the job market becomes more competitive, or if you’re looking for employees with highly desirable skills, you may find it very challenging convincing talent to choose your small business over their other options, regardless of how aggressive you are. A clever way around this is to fill your vacancies with people who display the right attitude for learning and cultural fit, and then invest in training them in getting the skills you need
to grow your business.

Look for candidates who take leadership roles in their communities, seek out learning opportunities on their own, and above all, those that are curious. These traits speak to their intrinsic need to be more than they are and their willingness to do it on their own. Tap into that natural behavior with company support, and you can grow superstars not just your business.

#3. Create The Right Message And Post At the Right Time

Job descriptions, hiring software, and job postings are tedious but absolutely critical to getting your job openings to the right candidates and convincing them to apply. To reach the right job candidates you need to be sure your job descriptions are accurate of where you are today but also the growth potential of how you want your business to look.

Make sure your “About Us” page is clear and filled with the cultural benefits of your company. Recruiting software should be easy, so look for those that support applying with Taleo or something similar. If you’re not ready for recruiting software, LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter can help manage applications and getting your job on to more job boards.

Hiring or growing the human resources you need to support your small business growth is an important decision and one you should consider before setting out to hiring. Then, it’s a matter of positioning yourself as a serious contender and employing the right recruitment strategies that deliver your compelling messaging into the hands of the employees that will grow your small business.

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