20 Questions to Help You With Your Business’ Vision

It’s easy to work on the day-to-day with your business, but what about the big picture? That’s the stuff you really need to develop to ensure that your company moves toward the goals you’ve set.


In each area of your business, there are questions you need to ask yourself to help with that vision.


Marketing and sales drive business. If you intend to grow, you have to keep developing innovative ways to reach clients. To that end, here are questions to help:

  • Who are we trying to reach?
  • Where are they spending time online?
  • What’s the most effective way for us to reach this audience?
  • Which efforts aren’t netting us good results?
  • What should we invest more in?


Your finances are the backbone of your company. They’re what hold you up, and what you need to expand.

  • How can we keep cash flowing more smoothly?
  • What should we reinvest in within the company?
  • What obstacles keep us from paying our debts on time?
  • Should we consider financing or a loan?
  • How do our prices look? Should we raise them?


Your staff help you achieve your goals and your vision, so don’t underestimate their importance.

  • Do we have adequate staff to accomplish our goals?
  • Would bringing on freelancers or outside help enhance our offerings?
  • How can we get better employee engagement?
  • What makes this company attractive to potential hires?
  • How can we reduce turnover?


Whether you’re in a technical industry or not, technology matters for the future of your brand.

  • What should we invest in to pack the biggest punch?
  • Is outdated technology holding back our staff from productivity?
  • Are there tools that would give us a competitive advantage?
  • What tools are our competitors using?
  • Do we fear technology?

These questions should start the wheels churning and help you see where you want to take your business in the immediate and long-term future. Work on the daily tasks of your business, but keep one eye on the vision overall.

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Image: PhotoSpin


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