Using Twitter’s Small Business Planner

Last month, Twitter launched its Small Business Planner, a mobile app aimed to help small businesses use the social media platform as a powerful marketing tool. While many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with advertising budgets of $25,000 or more have been able to leverage Twitter’s reach with 26% of them using organic Tweets and 20% buying promoted Tweets to reach their target audiences, those with smaller ad spends have not been able to access such success. The Small Business Planner aims to change this.


The Small Business Planner offers tactical help and advice curated from Twitter’s business site that was redesigned in October. The app launched on both iOS and Android and was released to coincide with the holiday shopping season. With so many features of this new tool, let’s look at it a few ways you can use it to help your social media marketing activities succeed on Twitter.  

Daily Calendar

Perhaps the most useful feature of Twitter’s Small Business Planner is its calendar. Every day the app delivers suggestions for filling your Twitter feed with relevant content, advice on strategies for targeting Twitter ads that will reach your key audience, how to use other Twitter tools and more.


But more than passive information, the Small Business Planner allows you to add the topics and articles you find most useful to your own agenda so you can easily organize and access articles and inspiring ideas in one place. Your agenda also syncs with your other calendars so you can centralize all your marketing activities.


While larger organizations may have the budget and human resources to access the data and research to make Twitter advertising campaigns successful, smaller firms often lack the resources to confidently invest in these ads. With the Small Business Planner, you have access to research, case studies of successful campaigns, and helpful guides that include everything from including your Twitter audience in an upcoming email marketing campaign to getting more website followers using the social media platform.


Using the Small Business Planner app, you also have access to the in-app social network that is separate from the public Twitter stream. Ask questions, share ideas and be the first to know about online SMB events with the app. You can also easily stay in touch with all the latest small business trends and learnings from peers. With blog articles and ebooks you can save, the app also gives you first access to the content that makes up #SmallGoesBig and its initiatives.

Twitter can be a powerful tool for reaching a large audience and now, with the Small Business Planner, small businesses can lever this power with more resources and confidence.

Image: PhotoSpin


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