How to Get a Bigger Bang from Your Marketing

Return on investment is more important for small businesses because you don’t have the significant resources or large lines of credit that the big guys do. Targeting your marketing efforts to only those activities that yield the highest return will help you manage your time and money and help you grow. So let’s look at some inexpensive tools to help your digital marketing efforts pay higher dividends.


Convert with Landing Pages

Landing pages can boost conversion rates 15%Unbounce is a terrific resource for building landing pages since it doesn’t require using HTML coding, so even if you’re not technical, you can use it to create effective landing pages. Prices start at $50 a month but their blog full of best practices is free.

A well-designed website isn’t enough; you must optimize it with testing. Optimizely is a great tool for A/B testing and starts at just $17 per month. Don’t think you have time to test? Consider that when the Obama presidential campaign began using Google’s free website optimizer (now Google Analytics Content Experiments) to experiment and refine their pages, they raised an additional $80 million. You can’t afford not to test!

Awareness through SEO

A website can only deliver a return if people visit it, so creating awareness through SEO is critical. Google Fight (formerly Google Smackdown) is a free resource for helping you decide which words and phrases to use in SEO by telling you which appears in more pages across the web. Moz’s free SEO tools will help you find out things like whether your URL has been indexed by Google and Yahoo!, the number of backlinks to a URL, and way more.

Awareness through Social Media

Social media marketing guru Brian Solis has five factors of a program’s ROI, starting with adding up every touch point your activities have had with your audience. Touch points include every “Like.” every re-Vine, every view of your blog, and so on. Keyhole is a free social tracking tool that will help you track these touch points of a campaign across various social channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To identify which channel draws more people to your website and/or phone number, consider creating a unique URL, landing page, and phone number for each channel. Once you know which of your channels is performing best you’ll be able to prioritize that channel above others and improve or abandon others. Service like Twilio or Google Voice can help you set up free or almost free phone numbers and creating unique URLs and landing pages is a simple addition to your website.

This is certainly not a complete list, so seek out other opportunities to learn from best practices and experts.

And be sure to register for our free online webcast, Targeting Your Marketing Efforts on a Shoestring Budget, on November 10 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern, for  more insider tips on increasing your return on marketing online and off.

Image: PhotoSpin


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