6 Surprising and Innovative Ways to Use Customer Relationship Management Software

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More and more businesses are using customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage their client contact information and close more sales. In fact, a recent study shows that 50% of businesses with fewer than 10 employees use CRM, and 91% of companies with 11 or more employees use it. And while CRM is great at helping companies keep track of client conversations and preferences—as well as sending out emails and closing deals—it can do much more than that. Here are four unique ways brands can use (and are using) CRM.

1. Non-Profits Can Keep Up With Donors

Any director of a non-profit will tell you how much time and energy his team spends trying to get funding from donors. But that time is drastically reduced when CRM enters the picture. Suddenly, you’re not calling outdated phone numbers, and you can quickly see what a given donor gave last year as a point of reference.

Whether you’re a non-profit or not, if you don’t have “traditional customers” (like donors), CRM still provides an easy way to keep up with the contacts you do have.


2. Managers Can Better Work With Remote Teams

Disparate teams are a fact of today’s business world, but sometimes the challenge remains in making team members feel connected. CRM helps staff get access to the same client and project data (it’s cloud-based, so anyone can access it anywhere) and work together toward common goals.

Before you write off the possibility of working with a virtual team, try out CRM with a project management component and see if your team can operate smoothly, despite not being in the same physical location.


3. PR Pros Can Keep Up With Media Contacts

If you manage PR for your company, or otherwise work in public relations, it’s not your clients that you need data on, but journalists and media contacts. Cultivating a relationship with the media takes time and attention. CRM makes it easy to track the stories a given journalist is working on, take notes on past interactions, and track a pitch you’ve sent off via email.

Social and email are your best tools in today’s PR world. Find CRM that automatically links to the emails you’ve sent a contact, as well as connects to their social profiles.


4. Writers Can Track Submissions and Inquiries

Every magazine, newspaper, and publication has its own guidelines for submitting articles, and writers often struggle with unwieldy spreadsheets to keep up with all this data. Often, you can’t submit a duplicate piece of content to two publications, so it’s important to track where a writer has submitted a piece. CRM can house all those guidelines and track submissions so writers spend less time on the process.

That project management feature comes in handy here again. You might have to tailor the setup of your CRM (most track Sales, but you can substitute that with Writing Submissions), to get it working for this purpose.


5. Government Offices Can Keep Up With Legislation

CRM isn’t just for the private sector. Think of all the legislation, correspondence, and conversations that help laws pass. That information is ideal for CRM. Politicians often have multiple balls in the air, and need to be able to quickly access information about a given topic.


6. Teachers Can Add Innovation to Teaching

CRM with a project management slant can provide both students and teachers a unique platform to collaborate. Teachers can assign projects to specific students and set deadlines, and students can upload their homework when they’re done, eliminating the “dog ate my homework” classic excuse.


When it comes to your CRM, think outside the box. There are dozens of ways to creatively use CRM for your needs. If you’re thinking of implementing a CRM system, we recommend Insightly. Visit the site and sign up for a free account today!



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