10 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Email Marketing

Marketers love email marketing! Maybe because it’s 40 times more effective than social media marketing, that it generated 13% of sales leads last year, or maybe it’s just easier to track its ROI. Whatever the reason, we love it. At least until we see unsubscribe rates climb and click-through-rates (CTR) fall. If this sounds familiar, keep reading as we uncover 10 things you’re doing wrong with your email marketing.


1. Ignoring CAN-SPAM

CAN-SPAM are the laws that govern all commercial emails with the following key mandates that are the very minimum, literally, you should be adhering to in your email marketing.

  • Don’t use misleading subject lines.
  • Include an address of where you’re located, usually at the bottom of the email.
  • Include an Opt-Out and honor requests within 10 days.

2. Sending Too Many

Inboxes are unmanageable without adding your email to the mix, and now with Gmail’s Promotions tab, it’s more important than ever to not bombard your list with too many messages or you’ll find your emails headed straight to the SPAM folder.

3. Not Sending Enough

People forget you if you don’t send enough emails. To strike the balance between too much and too little, you’re going to have to test to find the right number. Look not only at your Unsubscribe Rates but also your Open Rates as well to determine an optimal frequency.

4. Only Sending To Sell

Yes, they signed up for emails, but that doesn’t mean your list wants to be sold to all the time. Sending useful messages may include information about a new product or promotions, but the message should be focused on providing value to the customers, not revenue for you.

5. Generic Messages

The data is clear: personalize your email marketing. To automate this, segment your list and increase your open rates by 14.4%. Then personalize subject lines for each segment to increase your CTR by 17%.

6. Using Your Personal Account

Using a Gmail or Yahoo account to send messages screams inexperience. MailChimp, will let you send email marketing messages to up to 2,000 subscribers for free. No more excuses.

7. Non-responsive Messages

48% of emails today are opened from a mobile device, so if your email marketing messages aren’t optimized to respond to any screen, you’re doing it wrong and your metrics will prove it.

8. Attachments

Another sign of a novice is sending an attachment  which are more likely to be sent directly to the SPAM folder before anyone sees it. If you have something more to share, make it your call to action instead, and link to a page on your site rather than include an attachment.

9. No Call to Action

Speaking of call to action, one of the biggest things you’re doing wrong with email marketing is forgetting one. There’s a reason for sending the message, whether it’s to download a whitepaper, check out a video, or read a blog post. Don’t forget to add verbiage telling subscribers what you want them to do.

10. Ignoring Experts

Avoiding or ignoring subject matter experts is the biggest thing you’re doing wrong with email marketing. Things change all the time in this sector, so even if you’ve been doing it for years, you can always improve.

Get more best practices for your email marketing efforts in our free webinar, “Email Marketing That Really Works” on October 21, 2014 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern.

Image: PhotoSpin


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