5 Can’t-Live-Without Social Media Tools

Social media eats up content like a monster, and staying on top of all the scheduling, engagement, and reporting can be exhausting. Just 5% of small business owners outsource their social media marketing and email newsletters, so if you don’t have the luxury of hiring a staff, you could spend all day posting, engaging,and tracking your accounts. Luckily there are some tools to help, so let’s take a look at five can’t-live-without social media tools.


1. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a staple of small business social media marketing, and for good reason. From a single platform you can post, schedule posts, and access analytics. Using their streams, you can monitor social channels for company or product mentions, competitors, or a variety of other keywords.  It’s free to sign up and just $9.99/mo for more profiles and features. The mobile app can be a bit clunky, and it still only integrates with a few social channels, but they’re the main ones you’ll use, so it’s definitely a social media tool you can’t live without.

2. Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a robust social media management platform you need if you’re a very social business. Like Hootsuite, you can post, schedule, and monitor your social accounts from a single dashboard but it’s in their analytics that Sprout Social really shines. They visualize data so even if you don’t have a Ph.D. in statistical analysis, you can still make informed decisions about timing, engagement, content, etc. Sprout also has a terrific CRM tool that gives you access to an entire history of conversations between you and a customer. Sign up for a free trial and pay $39-99/mo after.

3. Cyfe


Using a wide variety of widgets that enable everything from advertising to email to SEO, Cyfe allows you to monitor all your online activities, not just social, from one centralized location. Add a variety of different profiles to the social media widget to track all your social accounts starting at just $14 – $19/mo for unlimited everything, making it a must-use  and affordable social media tool.

4. Buffer


Simply put: Buffer is the one social media automation tool you can’t live without. With a single click, you can share and schedule content, ensuring your accounts never sleep, even when you do. The mobile app is great and they provide pretty good analytics. The best feature might just be their suggested posts, which brings content to you, saving you more time than ever. It’s free to start and just $10/mo after that.



IFTTT (If This Then That) is an automation tools that will save you so much time you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Using a variety of “recipes,” you simple tell this app that if something happens (someone sends you a DM on Twitter), to automatically do something (send you a text message). With millions of recipes integrating a huge variety of internet services, IFTTT is a great tool for simplifying your social media activities.

Want more social media tools? Sign up for our Social Media Toolkit webinar on October 7 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern to go deeper and make your social media marketing easier and more effective.

Image: PhotoSpin


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