Social Media Tools, Tips & Tricks


By Jill Kennedy, Founder of That’s the Idea

It’s the beginning of the week and you want to post content on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You post a status and a few tweets. Thursday rolls around and you realize you haven’t posted since. You had a lot of meetings this week and it was hard to schedule social media into your plan.

How do you adapt this rising and essential marketing tool without falling behind in your most important tasks?

1. Set aside some time early in the week.

Set three to four hours aside each week and research your industry’s news updates, stories and fun and interesting articles. Prepare thoughts and questions to go along with each article that can be used to engage your audience. Consider which hashtags you would use and who you could tag in your posts to spark a conversation.

2. Schedule your content. 

Using tools like Hootsuite to manage all of your major accounts from one platform will help you sort your content. Decide on two to three times a day when you would like to post content, focusing mainly on Monday-Friday. Think about when your audience is most engaged online and schedule posts at that time.

3. Get free market research.

If you have a company website, sign it up on Google Analytics. This super easy tool will provide you with statistical information on who is viewing your website. You can use these results to cater to your audience demographic. To set it up, check out this informative “how to” page.

4. Write your own content.

Do what comes naturally and write about your expertise once a week. Talk about trends in your industry, your own personal experiences in the industry, why it is good to invest in your industry’s products or services, guides on how to best use your product or service and general interest pieces that your audience will enjoy. Choose an interesting title that will make your audience curious and don’t forget to let them know you wrote it.

5. Always incorporate visuals.

As users scroll down their feeds, they will stop for captivating or moving images. If a relevant photo or video comes up in your research, share it with your audience. Even if your post is text-based, add a visual to draw in the audience.

6. Allot time once a day to respond to audience feedback.

Humans are prone to check their social media regularly. To avoid getting caught up in it, choose a time at the end of your work day to answer any comments or questions the audience has given you about your shared content. Make sure your answers are honest and personable. Social media allows you to connect with new leads so always be prepared to converse with the audience.


There you have it: social media is manageable! Once you establish a rhythm, a lot can be accomplished in online marketing. Incorporating social media into your business will keep you educated and updated on industry discussion and more involved with potential customers.


About the Author:

Jill Kennedy is the owner of a start-up called, That’s the Idea, a social media management and content creation company in the Greater Toronto Area. Jill’s background in visual culture, professional writing and management, affords her the opportunity to educate business owners on the importance of social media marketing and provide content for their web platforms. Contact her through


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