10 Tips for Better Hiring

If your small business is growing, it’s probably time to start hiring help. Whether it’s an intern, a part-timer, or a full-time employee, you can do a better job in finding the right people with these tips.


1. Know What You’re Looking For. If you don’t know exactly the tasks you need managed by someone else, how can you expect to find someone that fits the bill? Make a list of everything you need assistance with, and sort it by job title.

2. Look to Your Own Network. Finding an employee through a job board isn’t as likely to find the people who will stick around for years as much as those referred to you by colleagues. Ask around to find out if you know anyone who might be able to point you to someone who can help.

3. Consider Your Options. You might not need to hire a full-timer. You might be better off working with a freelancer, if your needs are in areas like marketing or design. Interns, agencies, and part time employees are other options.

4. Ask the Right Questions. When you’ve selected the best candidates from the pool, invite your top 5 choices in for an interview. Ask questions that will gauge how well prepared a candidate is to handle the work you’ve got. Take copious notes.

5. Get Input. If you already have a team in place, have those that will work directly with this new hire for their opinion on the top candidates. They’ll be more vested in the success of the new hire if they’re part of the process.

6. Train, Train, Train. Once you’ve onboarded your new employee, make sure you set her up for success by providing her with training documents, as well as letting her observe you doing the tasks she’ll take over. Then, let her try each task with you watching to ensure she’s got it down.

7. Encourage Questions. You want your new hire to feel like you’re there as she settles in, so tell her your door is open if she has questions about the job.

8. Check in. A few weeks after training, check in to see how she’s faring in her new role. Make sure she feels comfortable with what she’s doing. Provide positive feedback, and help her in any way you can.

The happier your employees are, the better you’ll succeed as a company.

Get more tips on recruiting and hiring the right people in our free webinar, “How to Recruit, Train and Motivate Employees” on September 9, 2014 at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern.

Image: PhotoSpin


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