3 Ways To Increase Sales Without Working Harder

The key to good sales is effective relationship management. Sending emails, going to events, making phone calls, etc., are the bread and butter of sales. With so many books and seminars focused on increasing sales, the last thing you need is more work. So let’s look at a few ways to tweak what you’re already doing that may result in more sales without you having to work harder.


Follow Up and Down

You meet a new contact at an event. If you’re in sales, you know followup will be the difference between guiding that lead into your sales pipeline and letting it wither away. But following up takes time and you may not be happy with the results you’ve seen in the past. Instead, try creating a series of email templates that you can quickly personalize every time you meet a potential client:

  • one for sending after meeting someone for the first time at an event
  • one for following up on a meeting request
  • one to guide them to the appropriate product or service line

Test messaging, subject lines, and the time between the encounter and the email so you can pinpoint the sweet spot of email followup.

Another great way to follow up is to send a LinkedIn request. Use IFTTT to automatically send a LinkedIn invitation to every new contact. You can even use this automation service to send you a reminder email to follow up two weeks after a meeting. There’s no extra work, but plenty of opportunity to stand out with your followup.

Reposition the Value Prop

Your sales presentations are multi-media marvels filled with slick slides and powerful customer testimonials… but you think you could do better. You can make considerable improvements in your presentation by slightly repositioning the value prop into the final product that your services support. For example, you’re not selling picture frames, you’re selling beautiful design for the home.

Repositioning your offering puts the focus back on your customers. It also helps you understand where your product or service fits in the whole decision-making process and shows you know your client’s business. I’ve also seen this type of positioning unearth key challenges and unforeseen influencers with the ability to stop a deal in its tracks. By knowing this early on, you have an opportunity to answer questions before they’re asked and ease anxious clients.

Post-Sales Support

Closing a deal is just another opportunity to sell more and keep clients coming back with excellent service and hands-on support. Many sales people complain about needing to hold their client’s hands through delivery, but the truth is, this is an important opportunity to ensure your client is happy and to identify new ways you can fill their needs.

Make sure your sales and customer service teams know how important it is to continue to deliver stellar support after the sale.

Sometimes increasing sales doesn’t require more work, it just requires a tweak or two to your existing strategy.

Image: PhotoSpin



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